<h1>Education Summit Schedule</h1> The 2018 Python Education Summit is excited to offer an array of talks on Python and Education on the second of the conference’s two tutorial days. * **Date/Time:** May 10, 2017 from 9:00am to 5:00pm A full description of each talk is available <a href="/2018/schedule/edusummits/list/">here</a>! [2]: mailto:pycon-edu-summit@python.org

Thursday May 10, 2018

  Room 25A Room 25B
09:00AM Welcome - Jess Ingrassellino
09:10AM Keynote - Jason Huggins
09:40AM Invited Speaker - Josh Lowe
10:10AM Break
10:20AM STEAM Workshops using Jupyter Notebooks, JupyterHub, and Binder Carol Willing
10:50AM Mu - How to Make a Kids' Code Editor Nicholas Tollervey
11:20AM Coding as Enrichment: How to Empower Students with Creative Coding Experiences Wanjun Zhang
11:50AM Lightning Talks
12:30PM Lunch Break
01:30PM Hard Shouldn't be Hardship: Supporting Absolute Novices to Python Elizabeth Wickes Learning Python like a Pro Liana Bakradze
02:00PM Teaching Python 101 Devishi Jha Lessons Learned from Python-related Tips and Tricks to keep students engaged Ram Narasimhan
02:30PM GenZeal: A new generation of thinkers who design, develop, and distribute for tomorrow Laura Jacob Using GitHub, Travis CI, and Python to Introduce Collaborative Software Development Gregory M. Kapfhammer
03:00PM Break
03:10PM Python for N00bs: A cognitive and educational approach Meg Ray When data meets education! The secret life of data in education Rizky Ariestiyansyah
03:40PM Jupyter Tools for Teaching and Learning Douglas Blank Pycamp 2K17: A Disclaimer Anubha Maneshwar
04:10PM Unconference Unconference
04:40PM Concluding remarks