Thursday 3:40 p.m.–4:10 p.m. in Room 25B

Pycamp 2K17: A Disclaimer

Anubha Maneshwar


Nagpur is a tier-two city in India. There were no user groups, programming meetups and that too in Python? Impossible! It really seemed impossible to organise people and do something that will make them interested in learning and contributing. As a student of Computer Engineering Bachelor's Degree Program, I always felt that drive missing in my fellow classmates. My talk covers the journey of organising first Django Girls Meetup and first ever Python BootCamp of my city called "Pycamp 2k17". It covers the journey of survival, how being a women it made tougher and how we ended up putting a disclaimer on our website because we never knew that name 'PyCamp' has a copyright! How me and my team managed to sell tickets of worth INR 50,000 to the people who hardly ever heard of the name 'Python'. And cherry on the cake to get 'PSF' sponsoring the event.