Registering for PyCon

<center>Conference registration is sold out!</center> <center>The Job Fair is open to the public</center> <!-- PyCon trusts you to self-select a fair registration rate: <ul> <li><a id="Corporate"></a><b>Corporate Rate</b> — If your company is paying for you to attend PyCon, register at the corporate rate. You will help keep the conference affordable for everyone, especially students and those needing financial aid. Government employees should also register at the corporate rate. <li><a id="Individual"></a><b>Individual Rate</b> — If you are paying for yourself to attend PyCon, feel free to come as an individual. Employees of non-profits might also choose to register at the individual rate. <li><a id="Student"></a><b>Student Rate</b> — This rate is for full-time students and academics. </ul> <p><br>Here is how much each level costs for PyCon 2018:</p> <table cellpadding="7" border="1"> <tr><th align="left">Rate</th><th align="center">Cost</th></tr> <tr><td align="left">Corporate</td><td align="center">$700 <small>USD</small></td> <tr><td align="left">Individual</td><td align="center">$400 <small>USD</small></td> <tr><td align="left">Student</td><td align="center">$125 <small>USD</small> </td></tr></td> </table> --> <!--- <p><br>We have 800 early bird tickets available. After they sell out, corporate will cost $700, individual tickets will cost $400 and student tickets will cost $125.</p> --> <!-- <span class="label label-note">Note:</span> Tutorial registration is not included in regular conference registration prices. Tutorial registration will open in February 2018. Cost will be $150 per tutorial and onsite it will be $200 per tutorial. <!-- If you are interested in attending tutorials, add a calendar reminder to check back February 7, 2018 as they sell out fast.<br /><b>Want a reminder?</b> <div title="Remind me about Tutorial Registration" class="addeventatc"> Add a reminder for Tutorial Registration to my Calendar <span class="start">02/07/2018 12:00 PM</span> <span class="end">02/07/2017 1:00 PM</span> <span class="title">Register for PyCon 2018 Tutorials</span> <span class="description">Head back to and register for tutorials</span> <span class="location"></span> <span class="organizer">PyCon US 2018</span> <span class="organizer_email"></span> <span class="alarm_reminder">1</span> </div> --> <!-- <span class="label label-note">Note:</span> The previous four PyCons have sold out, and we expect the same for 2018! If you plan on attending, register by March 2018!<br /> --> <span class="label label-note">Note:</span> To view or edit your existing registration, proceed to the <a href="/2018/registration/register/">registration</a> page. <span class="label label-note">Note:</span> Children are welcome to attend with a legal guardian. Both people should be registered for the conference and have badges. The legal guardian should be with the child at all times and the child should never be left alone at the conference. What does my registration payment go towards? ----------------------------------------------------------------- Your registration payments help us keep PyCon registration tickets reasonably priced. Registration costs go towards offsetting costs for catering, audio visual, recording, internet, and other miscellaneous costs. By offsetting those costs, we can offer attendees reasonable registration rates and offer a financial aid program to those that need it. Furthermore, the revenue that PyCon generates is used to run the Python Software Foundation. The [Python Software Foundation]( runs PyCon, protects the Python trademark, gives out over $300k in grants per year, houses community infrastructure such as [PyPI]( and []( and employees 5 [employees]( The revenue from PyCon helps us support the community in all of those ways. Most importantly, the grants program has international reach and impacts individuals in 62 countries! What's Included? ----------------------- Conference registration includes a full breakfast, full lunch, and both morning and afternoon break refreshments on the three conference days Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (May 11-13, 2018). Tutorial attendees on the Wednesday and Thursday (before the main conference) will be provided with lunch and break refreshments. **Attendees pay per tutorial** for each tutorial class that they attend, and purchasing a tutorial by itself does not include admission to the main conference. Tutorial registration will open in early 2018. One tutorial will cost $150 and onsite, it will cost $200. When registration is open, attendees can also book hotel reservations at venues where we have negotiated conference rates. Please be aware of "housing pirates" and do not book rooms through solicitations. Our staff will never call you to reserve a room. Only book rooms through our registration website. <!-- Hotel -------- Listed below are the hotels PyCon has contracted special rates with. When you complete your registration for PyCon 2017, you will be able to book your hotel reservation through our official housing bureau. This is the only way to get the conference rate listed below. * Hilton — $169 <small>USD</small>/night (plus tax) * Marriott — $165 <small>USD</small>/night (plus tax) * Westin — $154<small>USD</small>/night (plus tax) More information can be found on the <a href="/2018/venue/#content_hotels_intro">Venue and Hotels</a> page. Room Sharing ------------------------ Looking for a roommate for PyCon? Check out: <a href="">Room Sharing</a> --> Childcare ------------- PyCon is proud to announce that we will be offering <a href="/2018/childcare/">Childcare</a> during the main conference days. Space is limited, so be sure to sign-up for childcare soon. <!-- Financial Aid ----------------- To learn more about Financial Aid for flights, hotel, registration, and childcare to attend PyCon, see the <a href="/2018/financial-assistance/">Financial Aid</a> page. <a class="btn btn-primary" href="">Submit a financial aid application <span class="icon icon-circle-arrow-right"></span></a> --> Policy for Transferring Registrations -------------------------------------------------- Corporate transfers: We accept tickets transfers between attendees that are from the same organization at any time. If you need to transfer a ticket to your colleague, please email Be sure to include the information of the person you are transferring to. Their email address domain should match your work email address domain. <span class="label label-note">Note:</span> If you have a hotel reservation tied to your account, please let our registration team know if you want to cancel or change it. Reservations cannot be changed or canceled on your behalf after May 1, 2018 - you will have to contact the hotel directly to make any changes. Individual transfers: Individuals may request ticket transfers by sending a written request to before May 7, 2018. Please include the information of the person you are transferring to and have the person cc’ed on the email so we know they are aware of the transfer. If payment needs to be changed, there will be a $25 transfer fee. We trust that as a member of the Python community you are transferring your ticket in good faith and for the amount it was paid for. <span class="label label-note">Note:</span> If you have a hotel reservation tied to your account, please let our registration team know if you want to cancel or change it. Reservations cannot be changed or canceled on your behalf after May 1, 2018 - you will have to contact the hotel directly to make any changes. Cancellation Policy --------------------------- <blockquote class="callout"> <b>For our international guests:</b> if you are denied a visa, or denied entry to the United States, please contact us and we will refund your registration — in full, and without a processing fee. </blockquote> Registration cancellations must be submitted in writing and received by April 25, 2018 in order to receive a refund minus the $25 cancellation fee. No refunds will be granted for cancellations received after April 25, 2018. Questions? --------------- If you have questions or issues with registration or hotel bookings, please send email to:<br> <a href=" " style="font-size: 1.25em;"></a> <!-- To sign up for these tutorials, proceed to the [registration]( page and add them to your existing registration! If you are only attending one or more PyCon Tutorials and not the conference, there is no additional registration fee. <span class="label label-important">Note:</span> Use the promo code **TUTONLY** to register for just the tutorials (not the whole conference). --> <!-- <a class="btn btn-primary" href="">Tutorial Registration <span class="icon icon-circle-arrow-right"></span></a> --> [registerlink]: <script type="text/javascript" src="" async defer></script>