Estimated Sponsor Costs

Below is a breakdown of possible charges a sponsor may see if they ship swag bag inserts and/or have a booth. Please note that these are 2017 prices and that 2018 prices may be different. We will update these prices with current fees once they are negotiated. - Power: 5 amp/500 watt outlet included - Aisle carpet is included. See **below for estimated costs for booth carpet. - Shipping: Sponsors are responsible for shipping charges to and from the conference. Cost depend on carrier and location. Please use GES's online form to request a quote for domestic or international shipping logistics. This will give you a good idea regarding all the costs that are included in shipping to the advance warehouse and/or direct to the convention center. - Material Handling: If you choose to ship your items to the advanced warehouse or directly to the convention center, a handling fee will be applied. Handling charges to receive small packages start at $25.25. Handling charges for crated material (on a skid or pallet) start at $98.50 per 100 lbs. It is more economical to ship this way, rather than ship individual boxes. - **[Optional]** Material storage for extra items that you will need to bring out (t-shirts or other giveaways) that you don't have room for in your booth. Storage is $140.00 per piece. GES considers a "piece" to be 4’x4’, so it could be a pallet. If access is required, there would also be a labor fee, each time the storage is accessed. Please request a quote from GES. - Wifi: standard conference wifi is included - Up to 2Mbps for 1 device. - **[Optional]** Your own wifi network: Prices range from a "run of show" (all three days) of $880 to $2,640, depending on the number of devices and Mbps (early bird pricing). - **[Optional]** Carpet: We recommend having a carpet and pad in your booth. It looks great and provides a comfortable surface for your staff and attendees to stand on. Package pricing for pre-cut carpets/pad/plastic covering start at $204 (early bird pricing) for a 10x10 booth and $401 for a 10 x 20 booth. - **[Optional]** Booth cleaning: Vacuuming a 10x10 booth is $40/day; 10x20 is $80/day; 20x20 is $160/day; 20x30 is $240 (early bird pricing for all days). You can also bring your own vacuum and do it yourself.