* <a href="/2018/venue/accessibility#CCC"> Cleveland Convention Center Map</a> * <a href="/2018/venue/accessibility#Hotels"> Hotels</a> * <a href="/2018/venue/accessibility#FAQ"> Accessibility FAQ</a> <a id="CCC"></a> The Cleveland Convention Center --------------------------------------------- This is the main venue for the conference where all sessions will take place. The Cleveland Convention Center is in compliance with all Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. The current maps below show areas for different conference events, elevators, stairs, bathrooms, and nursing stations. The unisex bathrooms are wheelchair accessible. [Please email us]( if you need more information. <a id="Maps"></a> Maps -------------------- ### Street and building view [](p14) <img src="" alt="Street and building view map" style="width: 800px;"/> ### Overview of PyCon areas in the center [](p3) <img src="" alt="Overview of PyCon spaces in the center map" style="width: 800px;"/> ### Entrance and breakout room [](p4) <img src="" alt="Entrance and breakout room map" style="width: 800px;"/> ### General session, expo hall, and lunch area [](p8) <img src="" alt="General session, expo hall, and lunch area map " style="width: 800px;"/> ### Tutorials and open space rooms [](p10) <img src="" alt="Tutorials and open space rooms map" style="width: 800px;"/> ### More breakout rooms [](p12) <img src="" alt="More breakout rooms map" style="width: 800px;"/> <a id="Hotels"></a> PyCon Hotels -------------------- All of our hotels are also in compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. The hotels will provide maps upon request for the following: * Elevator Location * Accessible bathroom locations * Accessible door locations * Ramp locations If you require an ADA compliant hotel room, please email us to let us know as each hotel has a limited number available. Anyone who has special accessibility requests can email us at []( <a id="FAQ"></a> Accessibility FAQ ------------------------ This FAQ covers accessibility information for the PyCon. The PyCon committee recognizes that accessibility is a continuous process, both systemic and individual. If you have specific questions or accessibility needs not covered here, please [email us]( **Q: Will the conference venues be accessible for people with mobility impairments (e.g. wheelchair-accessible)?** A: Yes. The Cleveland Convention Center has elevators. See the maps above... (check back soon!) **Q: I plan to attend the conference with an attendant. Do attendants need to register separately? Will food and other resources be provided for attendants as well?** A: Please register your attendant by contacting us. All resources will be available to the attendant. **Q: Will there be captioning?** A: The main conference (May 11-3) will have captioning. The tutorials (May 9-10) and sprints (May 14-17) will not. If you need interpreters for the tutorials, please [email us]( **Q: What about interpreters?** A: We do not plan to have interpreters at the conference unless we are notified by signing attendees. If you need interpreters during the conference, [please let us know as soon as possible]( **Q: Where do I mention accessibility requests?** A: Ewa and Emily are happy to help! You can [email us]( your requests.