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Thursday May 10, 2018

  Room 13 Room 23 Room 25C
09:00AM Managing Dependencies & Runtime Security Pete Garcin Data science and Engineering at Shopify Chris Fournier, Françoise Provencher Standardized Data Science: The Team Data Science Data Process Buck Woody
11:00AM Let's build a Slack app! Jason Roche Deploy Your Python Apps Quickly with Heroku Ian Stapleton Cordesco Python with Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code Steve Dower
12:30PM Lunch Break
01:30PM End to End Machine Learning with Python in IBM Watson Studio Greg Filla The Five Kinds of Python Functions Steven Lott A Whirlwind Tour of Google Cloud Services Jon Wayne Parrott, Brian Dorsey
03:30PM Datadog: Distributed Tracing for Python Michael Whetten Using Python with the Google Admin SDK APIs Chris Coykendall Building serverless applications with AWS Chalice James Saryerwinnie
06:00PM Opening Reception (Expo Hall)