Why become a PyCon sponsor?

It's that time again to round up the volunteers, activate the mailing lists, and get the community hyped up for another year of PyCon. But there’s another group we need to engage: the sponsors. Sponsors are what make this conference possible. PyCon wouldn’t be possible without their support. From low ticket prices to financial aid, to video recording, the organizations who step forward to support PyCon, in turn support the entire Python community. They make it possible for so many to attend, for so many to be presenters, and for the world at home to watch along. Along with the benefits sponsorship gives the conference and the community, we offer an excellent set of benefits to our sponsors. * See our [full prospectus](/2018/sponsors/prospectus/). Recruiting ------------ What better place to find Python developers than a gathering of 3300 of them? If you’re hiring, PyCon is the place to be. The conference has long been a great way to find the talented developers so many companies are searching for. In addition to the option to recruit in the expo hall, most packages include a table in the Job Fair. Tickets for this event are available online. This opens up new opportunities to reach the local dev scene, schools, and user groups, and increases the Job Fair audience with quality candidates. Many companies receive hundreds of resumes during the 3 hour event. Marketing ------------ Getting your name and product out there through the promotional aspects of our sponsorship packages is a great competitive advantage. If your business is built on Python, you'll want to be part of the biggest and most prestigious Python conference in the world. You'll have the opportunity to be matched with those who could potentially become clients or employees and to stay in front of your current customers. Given PyCon’s size and importance in the yearly conference calendar, people look to the sponsors to see who is using and supporting Python. A big part of participating is building relationships with the Python community. Sponsoring companies are the ones that attendees want to buy from and work for. Visibility ------------ Our expo hall is the place to be seen. Many organizations do product demos, hand out coupons and t-shirts, and engage their visitors by talking tech and sharing how they use Python. Some companies like to use their booth to interview PyCon’s talented attendees. The opening reception is the perfect opportunity for sponsors to have the undivided attention of attendees for 2-1/2 hours! The expo hall is centrally located and gets a lot of traffic throughout the day. New Benefits for 2018 include larger booths for Keystone and Platinum level sponsors, increased full conference passes with many of the À la carte options, more booth staff passes, and onsite exhibit and floor management. Audience ------------ PyCon’s ever diversifying audience puts your organization in front of a wide variety of people. From beginners to experts, PyCon draws attendees from those with zero experience all the way through a significant group of the contributors to the language itself. We also see people of all levels from many industries. From developers to managers, executives to owners, startups to big businesses, PyCon draws attendees from all sorts of places. Some organizations send entire teams, and in the case of many startups, the entire company may be there. Competitive Pricing ------------ When you consider the cost of conference passes that all packages include, we think you'll find great value in each PyCon sponsorship package. Our smallest package, the Silver level at $5000, includes two full passes valued at $1400! The Gold level includes five passes, a $3500 value. Each successive package includes more tickets and benefits, especially for those with booths. Keep in mind that these are full conference passes -- not just expo hall passes. Personnel who will be staffing booths receive complimentary passes. Small Business Discount ------------ PyCon loves small businesses. From our long-time small business sponsors to up-and-coming startups, we want to make sponsorship work for you. For Gold and Silver sponsorships, we give a 30% discount for any organization under 25 people. When you factor in the cost of tickets, that deal gets even better. Flexibility ------------ We want to help you construct a sponsorship package that fits your needs. If a small booth would work better than a large one, perhaps we can swap it in exchange for another benefit that works better for your organization. For some organizations, a booth is not practical at all, but adding another conference pass may work better. We're happy to customize a sponsorship package to give you the freedom to choose what you think works best in order to meet your event participation goals. If you have any questions about sponsoring PyCon, please contact us at [pycon-sponsors@python.org](mailto:pycon-sponsors@python.org). You can learn more by reading our [Sponsorship Prospectus](/2018/sponsors/prospectus/)!