Traveling To Cleveland

This page is to help attendees find information regarding the various ways of getting to PyCon US 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. ## By Air — Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) is approximately 12 miles southwest of the Cleveland Huntington Convention Center and downtown Cleveland. [Here]( you can view the layout of the airport. You can take the [RTA (red line)]( from the CLE airport to the Cleveland Huntington Convention Center, all of our hotels, and downtown. The cost is $2.50 one trip. For more information on transit, see [here]( Ride-sharing is available in Cleveland. Follow the airport signs to the pick up area. **Note:** International travelers require a valid passport book to travel to the US by air and will need to go through customs and border control on the way to PyCon 2018. See section below on "Visa Requirements & Invitation Letters". ## By Train — Amtrak Union Station services three Amtrak lines: - Lakeshore Limited: Daily Service between Chicago and New York City, through South Bend, Cleveland and Buffalo. - Capital Limited: The Capitol Limited train runs daily between Washington, DC and Chicago For more information on these lines, please visit [Amtrak's info page]( To book your reservation call Amtrak at 1(800) 872-7245 or contact your local travel agent. ## By Bus — Greyhound The Cleveland Bus Station is one mile from the Cleveland Huntington Convention Center. Greyhound is available from all over the USA. Please check the [Greyhound website]( for the possibilities that suit you. Further info on traveling by bus within the Cleveland area can be found on the [RTA's bus page]( ## Visa Requirements & Invitation Letters A valid passport is required for all visitors to enter the US. Depending on where you are coming from, you may need additional documents/visas. Please be sure to check the [US Customs Website]( for further details. Invitation letters: Visitor visa applicants may need letters or other documents indicating the purpose of their visit, evidence of funds to cover accommodation and food, and so on. The PyCon organizers are happy to provide an invitation letter if you need one; we do suggest, however, that you check with your local embassy or consulate, as requirements differ from country to country. Please email []( "") to request an invitation letter from the conference.