Staff Information

This page lists the primary points of contact for PyCon 2018. This does not list all of the volunteers, without whom PyCon would not be possible. **For all registration questions, please email [pycon-reg](** - PyCon Chair: **Ernest W. Durbin III** - PyCon Co-Chair: TBD - Event Coordinators: **Ewa Jodlowska** & **Betsy Waliszewski** - Diversity Outreach Chairs: **Jessica McKellar** & **Adrienne Lowe** - Publicity Chair: **Brian Curtin** - Accessibility Chair: [**Emily Wang**]( - Program Committee Chair: **Jason Myers** - Program Committee Co-Chairs: **Lorena Mesa** & **Jackie Kazil** - Tutorials Chairs: **Ruben D. Orduz** - Tutorials Co-Chairs: **Allen Downey** & **Carol Willing** - Posters Chair: [**Benjamin Bengfort**]( - Posters Co-Chair: [**Rebecca Bilbro**]( - Posters Advisor: [**Hannes Hapke**]( - Lightning Talk Chair: **Lynn Root** - Lightning Talk Co-Chair: **Harry Percival** - Financial Aid Chair: [**Karan Goel**]( - Financial Aid Co-Chair: [**Eric Ma**]( - Session Staff Chair: **Julia Duimovich** - Session Staff Co-Chairs: **David Wolever** & **Marcus D. Sherman** - Sprint Coordinators: [**Kushal Das**, **Asheesh Laroia**, & **Chalmer Lowe**]( - Open Spaces Chair: [**Hobson Lane**]( - Open Spaces Co-Chair: [**Trey Hunner**, **Zak Kent**]( - Open Spaces Advisor: [**Anna Ossowski**]( - Education Summit Chair: [ **Jessica Ingrassellino**]( - Education Summit Co-Chairs [**Meenal Pant**, **Chalmer Lowe** & **Ria Baldevia**]( - Python Language Summit Coordinators: **Barry Warsaw** & **Larry Hastings** - Startup Row Coordinators: **Don Sheu** & **Jason D. Rowley** - Captioning Coordinator: **Brian Costlow** - Young Coders Educators: [**Katie Cunningham** & **Matt Harrison**]( - Young Coders Coordinator: TBD - 5k Charity Run Coordinators: **Sam Woo** & **Nick Lang** - Volunteer Coordinators: [**Rami Chowdhury** & **Ned Jackson Lovely**]( - Mobile Guide Coordinators: [**Felix Crux** & **Anna Ossowski**]( - Swag Head: **Paul Hildebrandt** - PSF Treasurer: **Kurt B. Kaiser** - PSF Financial Controller: **Phyllis Dobbs**