* <a href="/2018/venue#Center">Convention Center</a> * <a href="/2018/venue#Hotels">Conference Hotels</a> <h2 id="hotel-pirates">Warning: Beware of Housing Pirates!</h2> PyCon and our registrar, Conference Technology Enhancements (CTE), have learned that attendees and exhibitors have been contacted by a third party agency urging them to book accommodations for the conference through them. Please be aware that this is a scam, as these rooms are usually offered at higher rates, are non-refundable and/or carry a significant cancellation penalty. <b>CTE is the only official housing agency for PyCon</b>. Neither CTE nor PyCon is calling delegates to sell rooms. If you are contacted by an agency other than CTE offering to make your hotel reservations, we urge you to not use their services. We cannot protect you against them if you do book a reservation. PyCon and the PSF is not responsible for any hotel reservations made outside of the official housing bureau. Only book hotel reservations through our <a href="">registration site</a> to ensure you receive the conference rate and are guaranteed a hotel room. <center> <a href="/2018/registration/register/" class="btn">Book your Hotel!</a> </center> # Convention Center <a id="Center"></a> From the start of tutorials to the close of sprints, PyCon 2018 is taking place at the Huntington Convention Center, which is directly across the street from the beautiful [Fountain of Eternal Life]( The map below shows the convention center in relation to the several conference hotels, that you can read more about below. **Huntington Convention Center** <br> 300 Lakeside Ave E<br> Cleveland, OH 44113<br> <br> [Huntington Convention Center Website](<br> [Driving directions]( <div class="map-container"> <iframe src="" width="640" height="480"></iframe> </div> Listed below are the hotels with which PyCon has negotiated discount rates. These conference rates are **only available** to attendees of the PyCon conference who make reservations **through our conference registration site.** # Hotels <a id="Hotels"></a> This year, all hotels are conveniently located and are within walking distance. The Hilton is connected via an indoor walk way. <DIV class="hotel"> ### Hilton Cleveland Downtown <br> 100 Lakeside Ave E <br> Cleveland, OH 44114 <br> **$195** <small>USD</small>/night (plus tax) [Website]( </DIV> <DIV class="hotel"> ### Marriott Key Center<br> 1360 W Mall Dr <br> Cleveland, OH 44114 <br> **$179** <small>USD</small>/night (plus tax) [Website]( </DIV> <DIV class="hotel"> ### The Westin Cleveland Downtown 777 St Clair Ave NE <br> Cleveland, OH 44114 <br> **$179** <small>USD</small>/night (plus tax) [Website]( </DIV> Questions? --------------- Are you **looking for a roommate** to share the cost of a hotel room? Head over to the [Room Sharing]( page to find other members of the community who are also looking to share! When you complete your registration for PyCon 2018, the registration site will let you book your hotel reservation through our official housing bureau. This is the **only way to get the conference rate** listed below. If you have questions or issues with Hotel bookings created _through PyCon's registration system_, please send email to:<br> <a href=" " style="font-size: 1.25em;"></a>