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Room Sharing

Do you want to share a room at one of the [PyCon hotels](https://us.pycon.org/2018/venue/) or another hotel with other attendees? List yourself on this wiki page (click the edit button to the upper left, after logging in), along with: - how many other people you want to share with, - what nights you'll be there, - whether you've already reserved a room, and - any other requirements (e.g. male/female, smoking/non-smoking). Note: If any of your roommates will be arriving separately, be sure to list their names on the reservation as having permission to check in and get a key to your shared room from the front desk by showing photo ID. When reserving your room, be sure to specify the type and number of beds! Some rooms only have a single king size bed; not ideal for platonic room sharing. Cots may be available, but they are not very comfortable. Caution: Room sharing arrangements are the responsibilities of the individual parties involved. The Python Software Foundation and PyCon Staff takes no responsibility, and cannot get involved in any disputes. In order to edit this page; you must have a valid site login, and use markdown syntax. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ I Already Have A Room Reservation --------------------------------- If you have a room reservation and you're looking for a roommate to share costs, list your info here: 1. - **Dates:** May 10 - 15 (inclusive) - **Contact Info:** commonzenpython@gmail.com - **Additional Info:** Non-smoking double bed room at the Hilton Cleveland Downtown 2. - **Dates:** May 11 - 16 (inclusive) - **Contact Info:** natalieserebry@gmail.com - **Additional Info:** Deluxe Room, 2 Queen Beds, Non Smoking, Refrigerator & Microwave (Upper Floor) at the Drury Plaza Hotel Cleveland Downtown, Cleveland 3. - **Dates:** May 10 - 15 (inclusive) - **Contact Info:** kapooramanpreet@ufl.edu - **Additional Info:** No preferences. Double Room with Two Double Beds at the Travelodge Lakewood. I am on student budget :). There is a bus from the hotel to the convention center and it takes around 20 minutes. Also, the total cost is $342, so if you want to split if you are staying for the whole duration or I am also open to partial split if you are staying for partial time period. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ I'm Looking For A Room ---------------------- If you're looking to share a room (but you haven't made a reservation yet), list your info here: 1. - **Dates:** 11May evening to 13 May Morning CheckOut - **Contact Info:** muthukannan.subramanian@mavs.uta.edu - **Additional Info:** 2. - **Dates:** May 10 - 14 (Thurs- Mon) - **Contact Info:** pybicello@gmail.com - **Additional Info:** non-smoking, no gender preference, but want someone who want to split a room in one of the conference hitless, and want to make the most of the experience. 3. - **Dates:** 11May evening to 13 May Morning CheckOut - **Contact Info:** muthukannan.subramanian@mavs.uta.edu - **Additional Info:** 4. - **Dates:** 05/09/18 evening -05/12/18 morning Do not already have a reservation - **Contact Info:** Lindsay at linzastr@gmail.com - **Additional Info:** No gender preference. 5. - **Dates:** May 11 - 13 - **Contact Info:** Jigyasa at grover.jigyasa1@gmail.com - **Additional Info:** Have not reserved a room yet. Preferably female. Would love to buddy around and enjoy the conference together. _Sorry, booked !_ 6. - **Dates:** May 10 morning - May 17 evening - **Contact Info:** Rohit at rohit.naik246@gmail.com - **Additional Info:** No gender preference. Preferably non-smoking. I would love to hang out apart from the conference and make the most of the opportunity. I enjoy meeting new people, making friends and having fun discussions about our beloved Python. 7. - **Dates:** May 9 - May 15 - **Contact Info:** Alex at botale15@evergreen.edu - **Additional Info:** No preference... really just hoping to split the tab with someone 8. - **Dates:** May 10 (Th) - May 13 (Sun) - **Contact Info:** Teddy at theodore.f.williams@gmail.com - **Additional Info:** No gender preference. 9. - **Dates:** May 9 - May 13 - **Contact Info:** Joaquin at jackbravo@gmail.com - **Additional Info:** No gender preference. 10. - **Dates:** May 9 - May 14 - **Contact Info:** Mwai at mwaik@outlook.com - **Additional Info:** No gender preference.