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Room Sharing

If you have a room reservation and you're looking for a roommate to share costs, list your info here: 1. - **Dates:** May 11-13 (11 check-in , 13th check-out) - **Contact Info:** bk98@zips.uakron.edu - **Additional Info:** Westin Cleveland Downtown, non-smoking, 2 queen bed, females only 2. - **Dates:** May 8-13 - **Contact Info: Ravi at rxt140930@utdallas.edu - **Additional Info: Hampton Inn Cleveland Downtown 1460 E 9th St, Cleveland, OH 44114 6. - **Dates:** May 9-13 - **Contact info:** rpate1@iit.edu - **Additional info:** Renaissance Cleveland Hotel, non smoking, 2 queen bed. My 5th Pycon in a row. Discount for volunteers. 7. - **Dates:** May 10-14 (inclusive) - **Contact info:** j@ooi.io - **Additional info:** Comfort Inn Downtown (1800 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, 44115, OH) Non Smoking, 2 Double Beds. I've been interested in triathlon and rock climbing lately, if you have similar interest, that would be cool to chat about it. Though it is not a requirement for sharing a room. 8. - **Dates:** May 10 (check-in) - May 13 (check-out) - **Contact Info:** Joaquin at jackbravo@gmail.com - **Additional Info:** Renaissance Cleveland Hotel (24 Public Sq, Cleveland, OH, 44113). Non smoking, 2 double beds. 9. - **Dates:** May 10 (check-in) - May 13 (check-out) - **Contact Info:** Avery M. at pyconroommatemaybe@gmail.com - **Additional Info:** Two Double Beds at Holiday Inn Cleveland Clinic (circa 4.5mi from the convention center). 24yo male non-smoking. Paid $459 for the three nights so would be looking to split ( ~$230). Open to anyone and everyone simply looking for a place to stay during the conference. 10. - **Dates:** Thursday May 10 - Sunday May 13 (check-out), still available as of May 10. - **Contact Info:** stuart@swilliams.ca - **Additional Info:** Hilton Cleveland (closest hotel), prefer male roommate. 12. - **Dates:** May 10 (check-in as early as 9AM) - May 16 (check out). Good for someone who's doing a couple of days of sprints. - **Contact info:** trodicaro@gmail.com - **Additional Info:** AirBnb in the trendy Ohio City neighborhood (https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/17115174). Your share would be $350. Prefer a lady roomate. 13. - **Dates:** Wednesday May 9 (check-in) - Wednesday May 16 (check-out) or a subset of those dates - **Contact Info:** kiran.gavini@gmail.com - **Additional Info:** Hilton Cleveland (walkable), two beds, split $110 cost 50% (me) / 50% (you), so $55/night plus tax. 14. - **Dates:** May 13 (early check-in) - May 14 (check out) - **Contact info:** Gaus Shaik `shaik.gouse4u@gmail.com / 952-818-4777` - **Additional info:** Aloft Cleveland Downtown Hotel (6 min drive to PyCon). 2Queen Beds non-smoking. Cost : **$116/2 = $58** no extra charge. Looking for 1 more person to share. Can give ride to PyCon in my car. Call/Text me for immediate response as I am driving from Chicago 2 Cleveland now. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ I'm Looking For A Room ---------------------- If you're looking to share a room (but you haven't made a reservation yet), list your info here: 1. - **Dates:** 11May evening to 17 May Morning CheckOut - **Contact Info:** muthukannan.subramanian@mavs.uta.edu - **Additional Info:** 2. - **Dates:** May 10 - 14 (Thurs- Mon) - **Contact Info:** pybicello@gmail.com - **Additional Info:** non-smoking, no gender preference, but want someone who want to split a room in one of the conference hitless, and want to make the most of the experience. 3. - **Dates:** 11May evening to 13 May Morning CheckOut - **Contact Info:** muthukannan.subramanian@mavs.uta.edu - **Additional Info:** 4. - **Dates:** 05/09/18 evening -05/12/18 morning Do not already have a reservation - **Contact Info:** Lindsay at linzastr@gmail.com - **Additional Info:** No gender preference. 5. - **Dates:** May 11 - 13 - **Contact Info:** Jigyasa at grover.jigyasa1@gmail.com - **Additional Info:** Have not reserved a room yet. Preferably female. Would love to buddy around and enjoy the conference together. _Sorry, booked !_ 6. - **Dates:** May 10 morning - May 17 evening - **Contact Info:** Rohit at rohit.naik246@gmail.com - **Additional Info:** No gender preference. Preferably non-smoking. I would love to hang out apart from the conference and make the most of the opportunity. I enjoy meeting new people, making friends and having fun discussions about our beloved Python. 7. - **Dates:** May 9 - May 15 - **Contact Info:** Alex at botale15@evergreen.edu - **Additional Info:** No preference... really just hoping to split the tab with someone 9. - **Dates:** May 9 - May 15 - **Contact Info:** Arshpreet Singh arsh840@gmail.com - **Additional Info:** Looking for a curious roommate(No gender preference ) with whom I can have interesting ideas sharing regarding conference talks and tutorials, one who loves to write code and release over night, Enjoys bear and great conversations over coffee, Adventurous and love to see sights! 10. - **Dates:** May 10 (check-in) - 13 (check-out) - **Contact Info:** Haitham Maya hmaya@umich.edu - **Additional Info:** No gender preference. 13. - **Dates:** May 12(check-in)-May 13/14(check-out) - **Email:** zadbuke.ruturaj@gmail.com 14. - **Dates** May 10 (check-in) - May 12 (check-out) - **Email:** xing.yif@husky.neu.edu 16. - **Dates:** May 8 (check-in) - May 13 (check out) or any subset of these. - **Contact info:** Andrés García `a.garcia230395@gmail.com` - **Additional info:** I'm a student on my first PyCon and want to get the most out of it! As such, I'm on limited budget, so I wouldn't mind sharing with more than one person. No gender preferences.