PyCon 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA

May 9 – 17 By the Community For the Community


May 9-10 • Wednesday, Thursday

The first 2 days of the conference offer a schedule packed with 3-hour tutorials to help both beginners and experienced developers learn new technologies and increase their skills.

Talks and Events

May 11–13 • Friday, Saturday, Sunday

The 3 main conference days offer almost 100 talks, an Expo Hall where you can visit our sponsors, and events including an academic poster session, a Job Fair, and an annual benefit auction.


May 14–17 • Monday through Thursday

The final 4 days are our developer sprints, where developers both veteran and novice enjoy several days of rare in-person collaboration on their favorite open source projects.

Get Ready!

Get Ready!

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Our Sponsors!

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The companies and organizations who sponsor PyCon make the conference possible, and get to connect with a wide array of Python programmers.