Thursday 10:20 a.m.–10:50 a.m. in Room 25A, Room 25B

STEAM Workshops using Jupyter Notebooks, JupyterHub, and Binder

Carol Willing


Middle School and High School students can learn by doing. Jupyter Notebooks and the rich Python ecosystem with libraries on a variety of topics can engage many learners of the sciences and humanities. Interactive content, using Jupyter Widgets and visualization libraries, put the student in charge of manipulating content and extending their learning. Giving students engaging content in familiar subjects encourages them to develop and use computational skills to build upon their interests. One difficulty of teaching workshops is access to computers and the ability to install software on those systems. This talk will demonstrate how a workshop organizer or teacher can deploy JupyterHub easily for a class using the Zero to JupyterHub Guide, Kubernetes, and Cloud Services. Even if students only have access to smartphones, tablets, or shared computers, a workshop can be held using Binder which allows a notebook environment to be served at the click of a button to any modern web browser.