May 9, 2018

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09:00AM Web Applications, A to Z Moshe Zadka
Code Your Heart Out: Beginning Python for Human People with Feelings Melanie Crutchfield
Lights Camera Action! Scrape, explore, and model to predict Oscar winners & box office hits Deborah Hanus, Patricia Hanus, Sebastian Hanus, Veronica Hanus
Build a Search Engine with Python + Elasticsearch Julie Qiu
Making Art with Python Emily Xie
Foundations of Numerical Computing in Python Scott Sanderson
Down the rabbit hole. A 101 on reproducible workflows with Python Tania Sanchez Monroy
Going Serverless with OpenFaaS, Kubernetes, and Python Michael Herman
12:20PM Lunch Break
01:20PM Using List Comprehensions and Generator Expressions For Data Processing Trey Hunner
Python Epiphanies Stuart Williams
Parallel Data Analysis with Dask Tom Augspurger, James Crist, Martin Durant
Introduction to Digital Signal Processing Allen Downey
Getting Started with Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies in Python Amirali Sanatinia
Faster Python Programs - Measure, don't Guess Mike Müller
Workflow Engines Up and Running Ian Zelikman, Austin Hacker
Practical API Security Adam Englander

May 10, 2018

  Room One Room Two Room Three Room Four Room Five Room Six Room Seven Room Eight
09:00AM Introduction to TDD with Django Harry Percival
Network Analysis Made Simple: Part I Eric Ma, Mridul Seth
API-Driven Django Philip James
Complexity Science Allen Downey
A Python-flavored Introduction to Containers And Kubernetes Ruben Orduz
Intro to Spatial Analysis and Maps with Python Christy Heaton
Build-a-GitHub-Bot Workshop Mariatta Wijaya
Introduction to Python for Data Science Skipper Seabold
12:20PM Lunch Break
01:20PM Intermediate testing with Django: Outside-in TDD and Mocking effectively Harry Percival
Network Analysis Made Simple: Part II Mridul Seth, Eric Ma
Beyond Django Basics Shauna Gordon-McKeon
Statistics and probability: your first steps on the road to data science Chalmer Lowe
Docker for Data Science Aly Sivji, Joe Jasinski, tathagata dasgupta (t)
Exploratory Data Visualization with Vega, Vega-Lite, and Altair Jake VanderPlas
Python functions as a first class topic Luciano Ramalho
Using pandas for Better (and Worse) Data Science Kevin Markham