Sam Kitajima-Kimbrel

Sam Kitajima-Kimbrel

Sam is a Python developer and distributed-systems "enthusiast" who spends much of his time thinking about data architecture, communication and organization skills, and how to build healthy and inclusive teams. He regularly attends, speaks at, and helps organize Python conferences around the world, and can currently be found at Nuna Inc. building data systems to improve health outcomes for US Medicare recipients. Sam enjoys cooking, cycling, and cocktails, and resides in Oakland, California with his husband Kameron and their two dogs Mochi and Basil.


Bowerbirds of Technology: Architecture and Teams at Less-than-Google Scale

Friday 5:10 p.m.–5:40 p.m. in Global Center Ballroom AB

How we designed an inclusivity-first conference on a shoestring budget and short timeline

Friday 10:50 a.m.–11:20 a.m. in Room 26A/B/C