Harry  Percival

Harry Percival

After an idyllic childhood spent playing with BASIC on French 8-bit computers like the Thomson T-07 whose keys go "boop" when you press them, Harry spent a few tedious years as a management consultant, trying to entertain himself by building overcomplicated spreadsheets. Soon he rediscovered his true geek nature, and was lucky enough to fall in with a bunch of XP fanatics, working on the pioneering but sadly defunct Resolver One spreadsheet. He now works at PythonAnywhere, and spreads the gospel of TDD world-wide at talks, workshops and conferences.


Introduction to TDD with Django

Thursday 9 a.m.–12:20 p.m. in Room 09

Intermediate testing with Django: Outside-in TDD and Mocking effectively

Thursday 1:20 p.m.–4:40 p.m. in Room 10