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Reproducible environments for reproducible results

Austin Macdonald, Bihan Zhang


Trustworthy results require reproducibility, which begins with an environment that won’t change under your feet. A truly stable environment requires a guarantee of dependency immutability and the ability to roll back if problems arise. [Pulp]( is open source, written in Python, and can be used to fetch, upload, organize, and distribute software packages. With Pulp you can host and manage multiple PyPI-like instances, called repositories, which are versioned and contain any packages you choose. These repositories can range from a mirror to a carefully curated [known good set]( and they can be promoted through your software development life cycle. You can fetch packages from external repositories, upload private packages, and create a pull-through cache of the Python Package Index, all while keeping fine control from development to production. Each Pulp repository can act as a package index that plays nice with pip. Pulp's plugin architecture enables users to manage RPM Packages, Debian Packages, Docker Containers, and ISOs all in one place. View our source code on [github](, or read more about us in our [documentation]( Come by and talk Python workflows, learn how Pulp can help you, and tell us your use cases.