Sunday 10 a.m.–1 p.m. in

Hack your Kinect!

Kay Kollmann


Has your Kinect, too, been collecting dust at the back of your consoles console? Time to get it out and put it to good use again! With a little Python and OpenCV magic, you can easily breathe new life into this super innovative gaming device from a few years ago. My poster will show you what your trusty Kinect is capable of and what you can do with the built-in hardware – which does not limit you to playing games, but opens up other, even more interesting possibilities of interaction, especially when combined with a projector. Not a Kinect owner yet? No problem, my poster has you covered! I will let you know what equipment you need and how to get it (good news: you do not need to also get the console it came bundled with!). As space is limited on a poster, I will likely not be able to provide a full working example script, but I will make sure to include code snippets and links to resources to help you with your own future Python + Kinect projects.