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Improving command line experience for managing databases with mssql-cli and mssql-scripter

Alan Yu, Ronald Quan


Since the announcement that SQL Server 2017 supports Linux and Docker, there was a need for creating modern, cross-platform CLI tools to provide DBA's and developers the choice to use SQL Server anywhere. While rethinking our tools strategy, our team chose to collaborate with the open source community to create two great Python-based tools: mssql-cli and mssql-scripter. - **mssql-cli** is an interactive T-SQL query tool which includes features such as auto-completion, syntax highlighting, and pretty formatting. To create this tool, we collaborated with the [dbcli community]( which includes other CLI tools such as pgcli and mycli. - **mssql-scripter** is a scripting tool for SQL Server databases and can easily generate CREATE and INSERT t-sql scripts for database objects, similar to pg_dump and mysqldump. To learn more, please visit our GitHub repos for [mssql-cli]( and [mssql-scripter](