Sunday 10 a.m.–1 p.m. in

Build secure and reliable continuous delivery deployment for python microservices

Natalie Serebryakova


In the agile methodology, the speed at which software gets shipped these days got very fast. In many cases the initiative of building software in a secure way get’s deprioritized. There is no time to do “traditional secure process” where every stage of the software development cycle has a security checklist. This talk presents proposal about processes that support or could support secure software development. Continuous Delivery is a software development discipline where you build your python microservices in such a way that it can be released to production at any time. Microservice security relies on automating the Continuous Delivery deployment process. Making deployments secure and reliable before they land in production should be a goal for every software developer. With Continuous Delivery and security automation software developer doesn’t have to be a security expert in everything to work within a microservices architecture. A poster will contain (suggestions and code snippets): 1) Challenges when using Microservices and Continuous Deployment 2) Secure Continuous Delivery Microservices Production pipeline - access control settings - secure deploy an API gateway - centralized security or configuration policies - secure source code management using GitHub - use Security Policies tailored for microservices workflow 3) Conclusion