Saturday 4:30 p.m.–5 p.m. in Grand Ballroom C

Python 2 to 3: How to Upgrade and What Features to Start Using

Trey Hunner


The end of life for Python 2 is 2020. Python 3 is the future and you'll need to consider both your upgrade plan and what steps you'll take after upgrading to start leveraging Python 3 features. During this talk we'll briefly discuss how to start **the process of upgrading your code to Python 3**. We'll then dive into some of **the most useful Python 3 features** that you'll be able to start embracing once you drop Python 2 support. A number of the most powerful Python 3 features are syntactic features that are **Python 3 only**. You won't get any experience using these features until you fully upgrade. These features are an incentive to drop Python 2 support in existing 2 and 3 compatible code. You can consider this talk as a teaser of Python 3 features that you may have never used. After this talk I hope you'll be inspired to fully upgrade your code to Python 3.