Welcome to Speed Networking

- Date: Thursday, May 10 - Where: Expo Hall( on the left side as you enter the hall) - watch for signs - When: 6:30 during the Opening Reception _**Here's how it works**_ If one of your goals at PyCon is to meet new people, this session will jumpstart your networking with other attendees. Prepare a minute of patter about yourself, your projects, and your interests. You’ll spend two minutes exchanging information with a fellow attendee. - Introduce yourself - Where do you work? - What do you do? - What projects are you working on? - What do you hope to get out of speed networking? - What do you hope to get out of the conference? - Are you facing any challenges? - Any fun facts about yourself you'd like to share <p> 1. Line up in two rows 2. The person across from you will speak first, for one minute 3. After your partner has concluded, it will be your turn to speak for one minute 4. Exchange business cards or contact information 5. When the chime sounds, you’ll move one space over to the next attendee. Repeat! **_Bonus networking:_** If you're here before the Speed Networking officially begins, start a conversation with the person to your left or right.