Documentation Summit

About the Summit

Documentation is the key to the success of open source projects, from welcoming new users to onboarding new contributors with a clear contribution guide. Having good documentation is as important as having code. However, it is an area that is still overlooked by developers and contributors in the community. We need more awareness and skill sharing in building a welcoming community via accessible, well-organised and easy-to-understand documentation.

This will be a full-day summit including talks and panel sessions inviting leaders in documentation to share their experience in how to make good documentation, discussion about documentation tools such as sphinx, mkdocs, themes etc, what are the common mistakes and how to avoid them.

You are invited to join us in this documentation summit to share your experience with anything documentation-related

Target Audience

Documentation professionals like technical writers, open source leaders like maintainers, and anyone interested in contributing to documentation and accessibility of documentation. Anyone is welcomed, whether if they have contributed to open source before or not. Documentation issues could be good first issues for first-timers as well.

This summit is aimed at anyone who cares about or is involved in any aspect of open source documentation, such as, but not limited to, technical writers, developers, developer advocates, project maintainers and contributors, accessibility experts, documentation tooling developers, and documentation end-users.


Sunday, May 19, 2024 from 10 AM - 3:15 PM EST

Call for Proposal

If you would like to present a talk, lighting talk or interactive session, please submit your proposal with this form.

Deadline of Submission: 26th April 2024 23:59 UTC
Notification of acceptance: 3rd May 2024


(To be announced)