Keynote Speakers

Jay Miller

Jay Miller is a Developer Advocate and has been involved in the Python community since 2014. A product of the San Diego Python Community,

Jay was introduced to the power of community early in learning and has served as an organizer for San Diego Python, WeAll.JS, Operation Code and Global CFP Diversity Day.

Away from Python, Jay is a Husband and Father. They are also the cohost of Conduit, a system-agnostic approach to accountability and productivity that has helped people accomplish everything from cleaning out that pile of laundry on their bed to publishing a book and getting married.

In 2023, Jay started Black Python Devs as an online community for Black, Colored, and Coloured Python developers. Today Black Python Devs has hundreds of members from around the world ranging in all levels of their career with Jay serving as the community's Executor.

Simon Willison

Simon Willison is the creator of Datasette, an open source tool for exploring and publishing data. He currently works full-time developing open source tools for data journalism, built around Datasette and SQLite.

Simon has spent the last year and a half deeply immersed in the world of Large Language Models, trying to solve the fascinating problems of how to responsibly use the technology in the two fields he knows best: journalism and software engineering.

Prior to becoming an independent open source developer, Simon was an engineering director at Eventbrite. Simon joined Eventbrite through their acquisition of Lanyrd, a Y Combinator funded company he co-founded in 2010.

He is a board member of the Python Software Foundation and a co-creator of the Django Web Framework, and has been blogging about web development and programming since 2002 at

Kate Chapman

Kate Chapman is a technologist, geographer and farmer who believes in the power of digital commons to change the world. She serves as the Chief Technology Officer at Open Supply Hub leading technical strategy to bring transparency to supply chains. Additionally Kate is the President of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) where she is a passionate supporter of open mapping for more resilient communities. Kate focuses on socio-technical systems linking humans and computers together to create better information for decision making.

Previously Kate served as the Director of Engineering Enablement at the Wikimedia Foundation, Chief Technology Officer of the Cadasta Foundation and Executive Director of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team. A long time advocate and participant in the free culture movement she believes it is important to put people first. When not thinking about virtual systems she is at home thinking about physical systems on her miniature dairy goat farm.

Sumana Harihareswara

Sumana Harihareswara (website) is an open source contributor and leader who has managed work on pip, PyPI, GNOME, MediaWiki, HTTPS Everywhere, autoconf, GNU Mailman, and other projects -- and who is working on a book to teach what she's learned along the way. Between 2016 and 2021, Harihareswara led fundraising for and managed the next-generation overhauls of PyPI and of pip's dependency resolver and user experience. Her work has earned her an Open Source Citizen Award and a Google Open Source Peer Bonus.

Harihareswara has keynoted LibrePlanet, code4lib, SeaGL, and other conventions, and has previously spoken at PyCon US and PyGotham. She also performs stand-up comedy, and volunteers to improve local emergency preparedness and open data. She lives in New York City, runs Changeset Consulting, and microblogs in the Fediverse.

Special Guests

Python Steering Council

Barry Warsaw
Emily Morehouse
Pablo Galindo Salgado
Thomas Wouters
Gregory P. Smith

The Python Steering Council is a 5-person elected committee that assumes a mandate to maintain the quality and stability of the Python language and CPython interpreter, improve the contributor experience, formalize and maintain a relationship between the Python core team and the PSF, establish decision making processes for Python Enhancement Proposals, seek consensus among contributors and the Python core team, and resolve decisions and disputes in decision making among the language.

Diversity and Inclusion Panel

Debora Azevedo
Dima Dinama
Jessica Greene
Mason Egger
Abigail Dogbe