Packaging Summit


PyCon US Packaging Summit 2024

Python packaging is a rapidly changing (and hopefully improving) landscape, historically and currently plagued by many problems. Solving these problems requires a high degree of coordination between various stakeholders; to name a few:

  • Creators of packaging tools (e.g. Setuptools, pip, Conda, Poetry)
  • Maintainers of Python libraries
  • Developers of Python applications
  • Distributors of downstream packages (e.g. Fedora, Debian)
  • Consumers of Python packages (e.g. end-users, corporate developers)

The goal of this summit is to try to take advantage of the fact that, at PyCon, we can get a high concentration of these stakeholders in one room at the same time. This allows us to sync up on current and future best practices and to quickly come to agreements that would take months or even years over higher-latency media of discussion (e.g. mailing lists, forums, issue tickets).

Register to attend

Are you involved in Python packaging in some capacity, have a unique perspective to share and ready to participate in intense discussions helping continue to hash out the present and future of Python packaging? If so, you're a great candidate to attend!

Make sure to apply via our registration form, open until Monday April 1 2024 AoE). You should receive an email confirming whether you were selected to attend by on or about Friday April 5.

Propose a topic

Do you have a particular topic in mind you want to share or discuss? Great! Keep in mind that time allows for a limited number of topics, and we'll need to select those that pose the broadest interest from and applicability to the community and would benefit most from a hands-on, interactive discussion. Submitting multiple topics is allowed (and encouraged, within reason), and you don't have to be selected to attend to have your topic discussed.

You can submit your topic on our topic proposal form , open until Wednesday May 1 2024 AoE. We'll email out and publish a final schedule within about a week or so thereafter, prior to the opening of the conference. We're looking forward to hearing your ideas!

Schedule (tentative)

Saturday, May 18 (≈1:45 PM - ≈5:45 PM)

≈1:45 - Welcome
≈1:50 - Session 1 (topics TBD, lightning talks + 15-30 minutes of discussion per topic)
≈3:45 - Break

≈4:00 - Session 2 (topics TBD; lightning talks + 15-30 minutes of discussion per topic)

≈5:30 - Open time (plugs, shoutouts, resources, followups)

≈5:45 - Summit ends

Code of Conduct

PyCon’s Code of Conduct applies and will be enforced.

If you have any questions, the Packaging Category section of the Python Discourse is the best place to ask. You may also reach out to the organizers privately if needed. Thanks!