Why Sponsor?

Why Sponsor PyCon US 2024?

PyCon US 2024 will again be held both in-person in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and online, allowing our community to come together to network, learn, share ideas, and create new relationships and partnerships.

Sponsors are what make PyCon US and the Python Software Foundation possible. PyCon US is the main source of revenue for the PSF, the non-profit behind the Python language and the hub for the Python community.

PyCon US is the largest and longest-running Python gathering globally, with a diverse group of highly engaged attendees, many of whom you won’t find at other conferences. We’re excited to be able to provide our sponsors with opportunities to connect with and support the Python community. You’ll be face-to-face with talented developers, qualified recruits, and customers, access a large and diverse audience and elevate your visibility and corporate identity within the Python community.

Check out our full menu of benefits, including new ones for 2024!

What you can expect when you sponsor PyCon US and the PSF:

  • Reach - access to 1500+ attendees interested in your products and services and generate qualified leads.
  • Brand strength - being part of the biggest and most prestigious Python conference in the world and supporting the nonprofit organization behind the Python language.
  • Connections - networking with attendees in-person to create connections and provide detailed information about your products and services.
  • Recruiting - access to qualified job candidates. If you’re hiring, there’s no better place to find Python developers than PyCon US.
  • 12 months of benefits - Reach the Python community during PyCon US and beyond, with options for recognition on Python.org, PyPI.org, and more.

Because of the generous support of our sponsors, the Python Software Foundation is able to continually improve our support of Python and its community. Read more about the PSF here and in our most recent Annual Impact Report. You can help us ensure the Python ecosystem thrives for years to come. Apply to sponsor PyCon US and the PSF today!

Head over to the Sponsorship Application page to learn more about the 2024 PSF sponsorship program and sign up to sponsor.

If you have any questions about sponsoring PyCon US and the PSF, please contact us at sponsors@python.org.