Startup Row


DAGWorks Inc.

DAGWorks Inc.'s mission is to standardize the way people write python code so that teams & individuals can move faster from development to production. DAGWorks Inc. drives two popular open source projects and manages hosted solutions for them: Hamilton & Burr. Hamilton standardizes the way individuals and teams express data, machine learning, and LLM pipelines. Burr standardizes how stateful applications are written, executed, and observed.


Dispatch is a platform to develop reliable distributed applications.



dltHub is the organization behind the dlt (data load tool) library. The dlt library is an open-source tool that allows you to load data from various sources into well-structured, live datasets. It's designed to be used in Python scripts and can handle data from APIs, files, databases, and more. The library automatically creates or updates tables, infers data types, and handles nested data.



Exaloop develops a high-performance, Python-based, AI-integrated platform for data scientists and engineers. With the Exaloop platform, anyone with basic Python programming experience can write performant, scalable software that leverages multiprocessors, GPUs and more — no more wasting time on low-level optimizations or rewriting code. Exaloop spun out of MIT’s Computer Science and AI Lab in late 2021.


Martian Learning, Inc.

Martian is solving the largest problem in AI: making AI safe by letting us look inside the brains of models like GPT-4. This also lets us make models more effective and less expensive.



PandasAI is a open source python library that leverages generative AI to empower conversational data analysis



Pixeebot fixes vulnerabilities, hardens code, squashes bugs, and gives engineers more time to focus on the work that counts.



Trellis is building an AI-powered data platform for unstructured data. Trellis transforms your unstructured data to SQL-compliant tables with schema you define with natural language. With Trellis, you can run SQL queries on your unstructured data sources like financial documents, contracts, customers, emails, etc.