Community Organizers Summit

Do you organize a Conference, Meetup, User Group, Hackathon, or other community event in your area? Are you trying to start a group but don't know where to start? Whether you have 30 years experience or are looking to create a new event, this summit is for you.

Join us May 18, 2024 from 10:30am - 2:30pm EST for a summit of Presentations, Panels, and Breakout Sessions about organizing community events.

Location: Room 317

Summit Schedule

Time Event
10:30 Opening Remarks
10:35 Chris Harrold
11:05 Francis Billa
11:35 Kattni
12:05 Community Organizers Panel
12:45 Break for Lunch + Lightning Talk Submissions Open
1:30 Lightning Talks
2:00 Open Spaces
2:30 End


Chris Harrold - A decade of community building lessons in 20 minutes? Probably!


Chris got into programming by accident and found his passion for communities in the process. Since then, he has built communities for a variety of large and small organizations. As a long-time conference and community organizer, speaker, and event builder he has helped to start and maintain some of the most successful communities and events you've probably never heard of. In the spare time that he does not actually have, he is a maker, author, tinkerer, and lover of Corgis. He is currently the Director of DevRel and open-source programs for Ansys.

Mason Egger - Tips for New Conference Organizers

Mason Egger

Mason is currently a Sr. Technical Curriculum Developer at Temporal Technologies who specializes in building community, developer-focused educational content, distributed systems, and Python. He’s an avid programmer, speaker, educator, and writer/blogger. He is an organizer of PyTexas, President of the PyTexas Foundation, and actively contributes to open source projects.

Kattni - A Healthy and Balanced Approach to Building an Online Community

Kattni headshot

Kattni (she/her) is a creator, programmer, maker, photographer, artist, musician, intermittent chef, one-time gardener, and collector of excellent bags. She is passionate about building and maintaining supportive communities, learning new things, and sharing her knowledge. She is tolerated by two cats who continue to let her live with them.


Denny Perez

Denny headshot

Denny, a Software QA Analyst with an accounting degree, passionately advocates diversity and inclusion within tech communities. As a Python Community Manager, she empowers Spanish-speaking tech communities through Pyladies Chapters, fostering an inclusive environment. With roles as a PSF Director and founder of multiple chapters, she's deeply committed to organizing diverse events and mentoring within the Python community.

Denny, a PSF Director since 2023 and a Fellow member since 2022, embodies a passion for fostering connections, driving positive change, and promoting diversity and inclusion.

Kojo Idrissa

Kojo Idrissa headshot

After a career as an accountant and a university instructor, Kojo became a software developer. He's been active in the Python & Django communities since 2013, a DjangoCon US organizer since 2016 & the DEFNA North American Ambassador since 2017. He's also led the Newcomer Orientation for PyCon US since 2022.
He's currently a software engineer at REVSYS. He has been fortunate enough to have spoken at multiple conferences in multiple countries on most continents.

You can find Kojo on Twitter as @KojoIdrissa and Mastodon as He's into a lot of disparate things and still sorting out his online presence,'ve been warned.🤷🏾‍♂️

Georgi Ker

Georgi Headshot

Georgi is an autodidact polymath serving as one of the Board Director at the PSF. She is also a Fellow Member who received the PSF Community Service Award in 2020 and a member of D&I Workgroup. She co-founded PyLadies Bangkok, was previously the conference lead for PyCon Thailand and led PyCon APAC in 2021.

Cheuk Ting Ho

Heather White