WebAssembly Summit

This technical summit aims to bring together maintainers and users of Python with WebAssembly (WASM), to discuss the state of this ecosystem, existing challenges and ongoing work.


Where: PyConUS, David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh, Room TBC.

When: Thursday, May 16th, all day. The day starts at 9am.

Who: 30 lucky people (space is limited)

This event is not appropriate for beginners, will be deeply technical, and lots of fun. If you have strong Python, C, browser (JavaScript), compiler or WASM knowledge, it will feel like home.


Morning ~ talks, presentations and "show and tells" (MC'd by Nicholas):

  • Pyodide (Dr.Hood Chatham) - An update on the current state of Pyodide (CPython compiled to WASM) by Hood, a core maintainer of the project.
  • MicroPython (Dr.Damien George) - A pre-recorded video updating us on the current state of MicroPython compiled to web assembly.
  • WASI and Python (Eric Snow/Dawn Wages/Mike Droettboom) - An outline of the current state of WASI (WebAssembly System Interface) support in CPython.
  • PyScript (Fabio Pliger) - Updates, developments, future plans in the world of PyScript (a platform for Python in the browser).
  • PySheets / LTK (Dr.Chris Laffra) - a demonstration and description of PySheets - a spreadsheet UI for notebook like coding, written with PyScript.
  • Using Web Assembly to Teach Code Generation in an Undergraduate Compiler Design Course (Ariel Ortiz) - With the Arpeggio and wasmtime Python packages it is possible to use a vertical slice approach in order to teach how to build incrementally a fully working compiler in just under 16 hrs. The language being compiled supports only one data type (32 bit integer), arithmetic, relational, and logic operators, variables, and also conditional and loop statements. The target language is the WebAssembly text format.
  • Ad hoc (you?) - an opportunity for further presentations or improvisation on the day.

Afternoon ~ un-conference: organise, ad hoc discussions, hacking, finishing with round-up. (MC'd by Fabio.)

Evening ~ WASM dinner - all welcome to continue the conversation over food and drink.

Sign Up

Space is limited to 30 (with slots already taken).

Use this Google form to register and (optionally) propose a contribution.

We will let everyone know in good time if they were lucky to secure a place or find themselves on the waiting list.

You must have a valid in-person ticket to PyConUS 2024 to attend. This summit will not be recorded or live-streamed.


Brett Cannon (in absentia; Microsoft/CPython)

Nicholas Tollervey (Anaconda/PyScript)

Fabio Pliger (Anaconda/PyScript)

Any questions? Please reach out via the conference contact details.