PyCon US Challenge

What is this?

These are a set of tasks you can do in order to get the most out of PyCon US. It's like a conference bingo card but in a different form :)

By doing these activities, not only you’ll have fun doing it, but more importantly it lets you connect with other attendees and you'll be helping to build our community.

How does it work?

At the back of your badge is a punch card which looks like below:


Each time you complete any of the challenges listed here, mark it off on your punch card. You can mark it however you like: with a pen, marker, put a sticker on it, etc.

It is an honor system. We trust you to complete the challenges on your own. We won’t be asking for proof, and we know that you’ll feel great for actually completing the tasks.

How do I claim my reward?

Once you fill up your challenge card, or a total of 20 points, go to the registration desk to claim your reward: a gift card to Millie's Ice Cream at 246 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh.

Quantity is limited, and the rewards will only be available starting Saturday. So please don’t come to claim your reward at the registration desk until Saturday.

We hope you will continue to do the challenges even after all the rewards have been claimed. Bonus: you can get a head start on the challenge for next year! Check the list for details.

List of Challenges


  • you see features from Python 3.12+ in presentation slide
  • submit a PR to an open source Python project
  • take a selfie at The PSF booth
  • say thanks to an open source maintainer which project you use
  • give a lightning talk
  • get a swag from a sponsor
  • contemplate the Zen of Python in the quiet room
  • Volunteer onsite
  • host / attend an open space
  • you see f-string with uppercased F in presentation slide
  • introduce yourself to a first time attendee
  • tell someone that you follow them on social media
  • high five a conference staff/volunteer
  • become a new member of The PSF
  • learned something new from a lightning talk
  • write a thank you note to someone at the conference
  • do an #IceCreamSelfie
  • Meet someone from a different continent than you’re currently living in.
  • Take a selfie with a presenter (with permission of course!)
  • Trade stickers with someone you have not met before
  • Have a conversation with someone you haven’t met before during lunch
  • Meet someone new from your hometown
  • Chat with a poster presenter about their poster
  • Thank the folks running the community booths
  • Selfie with your PyCon US lanyard and a Pittsburgh landmark on social media using #PyConUS hashtag
  • Give a talk at one of the Hatchery Program


  • propose a new PEP
  • have one of your PRs merged by the maintainer
  • got someone else to volunteer at PyCon US
  • become a new voting member of The PSF
  • Find someone who is using Python to program a TV station 
  • End up going to a talk in each of the 5 different rooms 
  • Selfie a group of people with your PyCon US lanyard and a Pittsburgh landmark on social media using #PyConUS hashtag

10 points

  • Went to a regional conference between last year’s PyCon US and this one
  • Organized a local Python-related meet-up/conference between last year’s PyCon US and this one

For next year 10 points

  • Go to regional conferences between now and PyCon US next year 
  • Organize a local Python-related meet-up/conference between now and PyCon US next year 
  • Speak at a local meetup between now and next year’s PyCon US
  • Have your company sponsor/host a local meetup

Good luck!

Thank you for participating!

Mariatta & Elaine Wong