PyCon 2019 in Cleveland, Ohio

Local Recommendations

<iframe src="" width="640" height="480"></iframe> Get to know the neighborhoods ------------------------- The Cleveland area is made up of neighborhood and districts. Here is a list of locally recommended neighborhoods to check out while you are in Cleveland. We have also included the approx. distance of each from the convention center. **[Downtown](** especially E. 4th St., W. 6th St., W. 9th St., all within 0.5 miles of the convention center <br> **[Flats East Bank](** 0.7 miles from Convention Center<br> **[Ohio City](** especially W. 25th St., 2.1 miles from convention center & is accessible via the [Red Line]( train<br> [Gordon Square Arts District]() 2.7 miles from convention center & is accessible via the [Red Line]( train <br> **[Detroit-Shoreway](** 3 miles from the convention center & is accessible via the [Red Line]( train <br> **[Tremont](,_Cleveland)** 4-5 miles from the convention center <br> **[Cleveland Heights](, especially [Coventry Village](** 6.5 miles from the convention center <br> **[Lakewood](** 6.5 miles from the convention center <br> **[University Circle](** 7 miles from the convention center & is accessible via the [Red Line]( train<br> **[Little Italy](** 8 miles from convention center & is accessible via the [Red Line]( train<br> What is the local specialty and where do I get it? ----------------------------- **Pierogi**<br> [Sokolowski's]( (Tremont neighborhood)<br><br> **Deli Sandwiches** (pastrami, corned beef, etc) <br> [Slyman's]( (neat Downtown neighborhood)<br><br> **Grilled Cheese Sandwiches**<br> [Melt]( (near University Heights neighborhood) Cleveland Eateries Not to Miss -------------------------- [West Side Market]( (Ohio City neighborhood)<br> [Barrio]( (Downtown neighborhood)<br> [Banana Blossom Thai Cuisine]( (Ohio City neighborhood)<br> [Happy Dog]( (University Circle neighborhood) <br> [Lola]( (Downtown neighborhood)<br> [Brewnuts]( (near Wakefield neighborhood)<br> [Map of Thailand]( (near New Chinatown neighborhood) <br> [Zaytoon]( (Playhouse Square neighborhood)<br> [V's Chicken]( (near Manhattan Beach/Waterloo Arts neighborhoods)<br> [Velvet Tango Room]( (Ohio City neighborhood)<br> [Winking Lizard]( (Downtown neighborhood)<br> Coffee & Tea --------- [Vintage]( (Playhouse Square neighborhood)<br> [Rising Star]( (Downtown neighborhood in the Arcade)<br> [Phoenix]( (several locations include Warehouse District & Downtown neighborhood) <br> [Cleveland Tea Revival]( (Ohio City neighborhood) <br> [Cleveland Bagel Co]( (Ohio City neighborhood) Pizza ------ [Bar Cento]( (Ohio City neighborhood) <br> [Mama Santas]( (Little Italy neighborhood) <br> [Valentino's]( (Little Italy neighborhood) <br> [Vincenza's]( (Downtown neighborhood) <br> [Angelo's]( (Lakewood) <br> [Crust]( (Tremont & Downtown neighborhoods) <br> [Citizen Pie]( (Ohio City neighborhood) <br> [Nunzio's]( (near Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood) <br> Map Room (Downtown neighborhood) <br> [Edison's Pizza Kitchen]( Burgers ---------- [B Spot]( (Downtown neighborhood) <br> [Nano Brew]( (Ohio City neighborhood) <br> [Tremont Tap House]( (Tremont) <br> Johnny's Little Bar (Downtown) Korean & Japanese Cuisine ------------------- [Ha-Ahn]( (New Chinatown neighborhood)<br> Vietnamese Cuisine -------------------------- [Superior Pho]( (New Chinatown neighborhood)<br> Beer ------- [Platform]( (Ohio City neighborhood) <br> [Butcher & Brewer]( (Downtown neighborhood) <br> [Great Lakes]( (Ohio City neighborhood) <br> [Nano Brew]( (Ohio City neighborhood) <br> Tour Downtown Cleveland by foot ---------------------------------- Tours are 2 hours in length and begin in Public Square and end in Playhouse Square Tours can booked [online]( and are $22 per adult. Use promo code CLEBADGE19 to save $2.00 per ticket If you have half a day to tour Cleveland ---------------------------------- Locals recommend checking out downtown and then browsing through some of [the museums]( If you have a full day to tour Cleveland ---------------------------------- Check out [Rockefeller Greenhouse]( Visit the [Botanical Gardens]( and or check out a local [baseball game]( Places near Cleveland --------------------------------- Locals recommend a day hike at [Cuyahoga Valley National Park]( and/or visiting the [Cedar Point Amusement Park]( Interesting places to see or things to do ------------------------------ * [Rent a kayak]( * [Cleveland Rock Gym]( * [USS Cod]( * [Cleveland Sign]( Techie points of interest ----------------------------------- * [The Side Quest]( * [16-bit Bar+Arcade]( * [Great Lakes Science Center]( * [NASA's Glenn Research Center](