PyCon 2019 in Cleveland, Ohio

Staff Information

This page lists the primary points of contact for PyCon 2019. This does not list all of the volunteers, without whom PyCon would not be possible. **For all registration questions, please email [pycon-reg](** - PyCon Chair: **Ernest W. Durbin III** - PyCon Co-Chair: **Emily Morehouse-Valcarcel** - Event Coordinators: **Ewa Jodlowska**, **Betsy Waliszewski** **&** **Jackie Augustine** - Diversity Outreach Chairs: **Jessica McKellar** - Accessibility Committee: [**Emily Wang**, **Anna Ossowski**]( - Program Committee Chair: **Jason Myers** - Program Committee Co-Chairs: **Lorena Mesa** **&** **Jackie Kazil** - Tutorials Committee Chairs: **Ruben D. Orduz**, **Sarah Kuchinsky** **&** **Carol Willing** - Posters Chair: [**Rebecca Bilbro**]( - Posters Co-Chair: [**Kristen McIntyre**, **Nathan Danielsen** & **Natalie Serebryakova**]( - Charlas Track Chair: **Maricela Sánchez** - Charlas Track Co-Chairs: **Mario Corchero** & **Naomi Ceder** - Lightning Talk Chair: **Harry Percival** - Lightning Talk Co-Chair: **Lynn Root** - Financial Aid Chair: [**Eric Ma**]( - Financial Aid Co-Chair: [**Denise Williams** & **Jigyasa Grover**]( - Session Staff Chair: **Julia Duimovich** - Session Staff Co-Chairs: **Marcus D. Sherman** **&** **Mike Perez** - Hatchery Program Chair: **Naomi Ceder** - Hatchery Program Co-Chair: **Lorena Mesa** - Sprint Coordinators: [**Kushal Das**]( - Open Spaces Chairs: [**Trey Hunner** & **Anna Ossowski**]( - Open Spaces Committee: [**Katia Lira** & **Haley Bear**]( - Education Summit Chair: **Meenal Pant** - Education Summit Co-Chairs [**Jessica Ingrasselino**, **Chalmer Lowe**<br> **Elizabeth Wickes** & **Jeff Elkner**]( - PyLadies Auction: **Jackie Kazil**, **Lynn Root** **&** **Douglas Napoleone** - Python Language Summit Coordinators: **Mariatta Wijaya** **&** **Łukasz Langa** - Startup Row Coordinators: **Don Sheu** **&** **Jason D. Rowley** - Captioning Coordinator: **Brian Costlow** - Newcomer Orientation: **Adrienne Lowe** - Young Coders Educators: [**Katie Cunningham** & **Nat Dunn**]( - Young Coders Coordinator: TBD - 5k Charity Run Coordinators: Hermes Sports - Volunteer Coordinators: [**Rami Chowdhury** & **Kenneth Durril**]( - Swag Head: **Paul Hildebrandt** - PSF Treasurer: **Kurt B. Kaiser** - PSF Financial Controller: **Phyllis Dobbs**