PyCon 2019 in Cleveland, Ohio
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Friday May 3, 2019

  Grand Ballroom C Grand Ballroom A Grand Ballroom B Atrium Ballroom AB Room 26A/B/C Room 25C (Charlas)
08:00AM Breakfast
09:00AM Welcome to PyCon - Ernest W. Durbin III
09:30AM Keynote - Russell Keith-Magee
10:10AM Break
10:50AM Set Practice: learning from Python's set types Luciano Ramalho Practical decorators Reuven M. Lerner Don't be a robot, build the bot Mariatta A Right Stitch-up: Creating embroidery patterns with Pillow Katie McLaughlin Plan your next eclipse viewing with Jupyter and geopandas Christy Heaton Drone para identificar y rescatar personas en situaciones de catástrofes naturales Ivan Lozano
11:30AM API Evolution the Right Way A. Jesse Jiryu Davis One Engineer, an API, and an MVP: Or, how I spent one hour improving hiring data at my company. Nicole Zuckerman Terrain, Art, Python and LiDAR Andrew Godwin A Snake in the Bits: Security Automation with Python Moses Schwartz, Andy Culler Break the Cycle: Three excellent Python tools to automate repetitive tasks Thea Flowers Autopsias informáticas: Extendiendo software libre forense con Python María Andrea Vignau
12:10PM Migrating Pinterest from Python2 to Python3 Jordan Adler, Joe Gordon What is a PLC and how do I talk Python to it? Jonas Neubert Modern solvers: Problems well-defined are problems solved Raymond Hettinger ¡Escuincla babosa!: Creating a telenovela script in three Python deep learning frameworks Lorena Mesa From days to minutes, from minutes to milliseconds with SQLAlchemy Leonardo Rochael Almeida Historia de un ingeniero junior: Mi experiencia construyendo un pipeline de ETL usando Python David Mauricio Delgado Ruiz
12:40PM Lunch Lunch Lunch
12:55PM Lunch Lunch Lunch
01:40PM Programmatic Notebooks with papermill Matthew Seal Mocking and Patching Pitfalls Edwin Jung
01:55PM Going from 2 to 3 on Windows, macOS and Linux Max Bélanger, Damien DeVille Making Music with Python, SuperCollider and FoxDot Jessica Garson Fighting Climate Change with Python Matthew Gordon Por qué comencé mi carrera con Python y por qué tu también deberías hacerlo Briceida Mariscal
02:35PM Take Back the Web with GraphQL Robert Myers to GIL or not to GIL: the Future of Multi-Core (C)Python Eric Snow Everything at Once: Python's Many Concurrency Models Jess Shapiro Life Is Better Painted Black, or: How to Stop Worrying and Embrace Auto-Formatting Łukasz Langa Wily Python: Writing simpler and more maintainable Python Anthony Shaw Programación para periodistas: el uso de Python en la extracción y análisis de reportajes Judite Macedo Cypreste
03:15PM Maintaining a Python Project When It’s Not Your Job Hynek Schlawack Help! I'm now the leader of our Meetup group! Faris Chebib Thinking like a Panda: Everything you need to know to use pandas the right way. Hannah Stepanek A Guide to Software Engineering for Visually Impaired Abrar Ahmed Sheikh Understanding Python’s Debugging Internals Liran Haimovitch Pintando el caos con Python Isabel Cristina Ruiz Buriticá
03:45PM Break Break Break
04:00PM Break Break Break
04:15PM Plug-n-Stream Player Piano: Signal Processing With Python JP Bader Lessons learned from building a community of Python users among thousands of analysts I-Kang Ding, Ariel M'ndange-Pfupfu, Marina Sergeeva
04:30PM Attracting the Invisible Contributors Charlotte Mays Supporting Engineers with Mental Health Issues Jenna Quindica How to JIT: Writing a Python JIT from scratch in pure Python Matthew Page AfroPython: empoderando a la población negra usando Python en Brasil Felipe de Morais
05:10PM How to engage Python contributors in the long term? Tech is easy, people are hard. Victor Stinner Extracting tabular data from PDFs with Camelot & Excalibur Vinayak Mehta Scraping a Million Pokemon Battles: Distributed Systems By Example Duy Nguyen How to Build a Clinical Diagnostic Model in Python Jill Cates Rescuing Kerala with Python Biswas B Planea el próximo eclipse con Jupyter y geopandas. Christy Heaton
05:40PM Lightning Talks
08:00PM Hatchery - The Art of Python - Room 26A/B/C

Saturday May 4, 2019

  Grand Ballroom C Grand Ballroom A Grand Ballroom B Atrium Ballroom AB Room 26A/B/C 25C (Hatchery)
08:00AM Breakfast
08:30AM Lightning Talks
09:00AM Keynote - Shadeed "Sha" Wallace-Stepter
09:40AM Keynote - Jessica McKellar
10:20AM Break
10:50AM The Zen of Python Teams Adrienne Lowe Releasing the World's Largest Python Site Every 7 Minutes Shuhong Wong Floats are Friends: making the most of IEEE754.00000000000000002 David Wolever Thinking Inside the Box: How Python Helped Us Adapt to An Existing Data Ingestion Pipeline Eddie Schuman Machine learning model and dataset versioning practices Dmitry Petrov Maintainers Summit Community-focused Lightning Talks
11:30AM Beyond Two Groups: Generalized Bayesian A/B[/C/D/E...] Testing Eric Ma Intentional Deployment: Best Practices for Feature Flag Management Caitlin Rubin Dependency hell: a library author's guide Yanhui Li, Brian Quinlan Thoth - how to recommend the best possible libraries for your application Fridolín Pokorný The Black Magic of Python Wheels Elana Hashman Maintainers Summit Community-focused Lightning Talks (continued)
12:10PM Advanced asyncio: Solving Real-world Production Problems Lynn Root Assets in Django without losing your hair Jacob Kaplan-Moss The Elephant and the Serpent: Using Mastodon with Python Philip James Django Channels in practice Aaron Gee-Clough Instant serverless APIs, powered by SQLite Simon Willison Maintainers Summit Discussion
12:40PM Lunch Lunch
12:55PM Lunch Lunch Lunch
01:40PM Time to take out the rubbish: garbage collector Pablo Galindo Salgado Measures and Mismeasures of algorithmic fairness Manojit Nandi
01:55PM But, Why is the (Django) Admin Slow? Jacinda Shelly Engineering Ethics and Open Source Software Hayley Denbraver PEP 572: The Walrus Operator Dustin Ingram Maintainers Summit Technically-focused Lightning Talks
02:35PM Building an Open Source Artificial Pancreas Sarah Withee Leveraging the Type System to Write Secure Applications Shannon Zhu Type hinting (and mypy) Bernat Gabor Statistical Profiling (and other fun with the sys module) Emin Martinian 8 things that happen at the dot: Attribute Access & Descriptors Andy Fundinger Mentored Sprints
03:15PM Does remote work really work? Lauren Schaefer Put down the deep learning: When not to use neural networks and what to do instead Rachael Tatman Shipping your first Python package and automating future publishing Chris Wilcox Exceptional Exceptions - How to properly raise, handle and create them. Mario Corchero Eita! Why Internationalization and Localization matter Nicolle Cysneiros
03:45PM Break Break
04:00PM Break Break Break
04:15PM Getting started with Deep Learning: Using Keras & Numpy to detect voice disorders Deborah Hanus, Sebastian Hanus Getting to Three Million Lines of Type-Annotated Python Michael Sullivan
04:30PM Things I Wish They Told Me About The Multiprocessing Module in Python 3 Pamela McANulty The Perils of Inheritance: Why We Should Prefer Composition Ariel Ortiz Syntax Trees and Python - Automated Code Transformations Joe Gordon
05:10PM A Medieval DSL? Parsing Heraldic Blazons with Python! Lady Red / Christopher Beacham Measuring Model Fairness J. Henry Hinnefeld CUDA in your Python: Effective Parallel Programming on the GPU William Horton Building reproducible Python applications for secured environments Kushal Das Python Security Tools Terri Oda
05:40PM Lightning Talks
06:30PM PyLadies Charity Auction

Sunday May 5, 2019

  Grand Ballroom C Grand Ballroom A Grand Ballroom B Atrium Ballroom AB Room 26A/B/C
08:00AM Breakfast
08:30AM Lightning Talks
09:20AM Keynote - Python Steering Council
10:00AM Poster Session / Job Fair / Lunch (Expo Hall)
01:10PM A New Era in Python Governance Shauna Gordon-McKeon Logging for Scientific Computing: Reproducibility, Debugging, Optimization Itamar Turner-Trauring Account Security Patterns: How Logged-In Are you? Philip James, Asheesh Laroia Building a Culture of Observability Alex Landau Plugins: Adding Flexibility to Your Apps Geir Arne Hjelle
01:50PM Getting Started Testing in Data Science Jes Ford Strategies for testing Async code Neil Chazin Lowering the Stakes of Failure with Pre-mortems and Post-mortems Liz Sander The Refactoring Balance Beam: When to Make Changes and When to Leave it Alone Amanda Sopkin Python on Windows is Okay, Actually Steve Dower
02:30PM Escape from auto-manual testing with Hypothesis! Zac Hatfield-Dodds 5 Steps to Build Python Native GUI Widgets for BeeWare Dan Yeaw How to Think about Data Visualization Jake VanderPlas Ace Your Technical Interview Using Python Erin Allard Working with Time Zones: Everything You Wish You Didn't Need to Know Paul Ganssle
03:10PM Python Software Foundation Community Report and Community Service Awards
03:30PM Keynote - Nina Zakharenko
04:10PM Final Remarks and Conference Close