PyCon 2019 in Cleveland, Ohio

Judite Macedo Cypreste

Judite Macedo Cypreste

Judite Cypreste is a reporter for the Brazilian agency of fact-checker Aos Fatos. She was responsible for writing articles where he discovered the lack of secrecy of the Brazilian justice system regarding children victims of sexual abuse. She is also the author of the Radiant Heart Project, where she analyzed the feelings of the Brazilian fans during the World Cup. She has participated as keynote in events such as Python Brasil [14], and also in Brazilian regional events: Python Nordeste and Python Cerrado. She believes that the match between journalists and programmers can benefit society very much.


Programación para periodistas: el uso de Python en la extracción y análisis de reportajes

Friday 2:35 p.m.–3:05 p.m. in Room 25C (Charlas)