PyCon 2019 in Cleveland, Ohio

Maintainers Summit

The Maintainers Summit will take place on the morning of Saturday, May 4th, the first day of PyCon proper. A part of PyCon’s [hatchery program][1], the Summit is seeking to build a community of practice for project maintainers and key contributors. We seek to help the Python community sustain and grow healthy projects and communities. Activities will include talks and mini unconference around technology, community, resourcing, and more as it relates to package maintenance. Call for Proposals ------------------------------ The Call for Proposals (CFP) for talks is open until **_March 15th, 2019 [AOE][2]_**. More information on talks can be [found here][3]. Submitters will be notified whether their talk has been accepted by April 1st, 2019. We are seeking proposals for lightning talks that fit the following themes: * Technology: What tools and techniques have helped you maintain your Python project, and what challenges have yet to be addressed? Potential topics: CI/CD tooling, package layout, setuptools, pypi, licenses compatibility, process and release tooling * Community: What have been your biggest challenges when growing your project’s community? Potential topics: culture, communication, managing expectations, burnout, codes of conduct * Resources: How has your project found the resources it needs – or, if it hasn’t, what is the impact on your project and the project community? Potential topics: funding, volunteer recruitment, legal advice, hosting * Wild card: Any topics related to maintainership that aren’t covered by the first three. [PROPOSE A TALK! ][4] Please feel free to reach out to Jackie Kazil and Shauna Gordon-McKeon at <>. [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: