PyCon 2022 Sponsor Workshops Schedule

April 28, 2022

  251E 251F 251D 251C
09:00AM Data Profiler: A ML Open Source Solution to Detect Sensitive Data (Sponsor: Capital One)
Jeremy Goodsitt, PhD, Lead Machine Learning Engineer at Capital One, Kenny Bean
Database for AI: the future of handing off data to compute (Sponsor: Activeloop)
Davit Buniatyan
Deep Dive on the AWS SDK for Python (Boto3) (Sponsor: AWS)
Jordan Guymon
ElasticSearch and Python, a match made in heaven (Sponsor: Sentry)
Anton Pirker, Ahmed Etefy


11:30AM How to setup your CI/CD to keep your code clean (Sponsor: Sonar)
Guillaume Dequenne, Andrea Guarino
Serverless in the era of data engineering and data science (Sponsor: Microsoft)
Varad Meru, Shreya Batra, Skyler Hartle
Use Jupyter Notebook to Explore Google Cloud APIs (Sponsor: Google)
Charles Engelke, Wesley Chun
Quantum Computing for Classical Developers (Sponsor: IBM)
James Weaver


01:30PM MySQL Automation with Python (Sponsor: Meta)
Marco Montalto M.
Search, understand, and automate your Python code with Sourcegraph (Sponsor: Sourcegraph)
Max Wiederholt
How we build software: a development and collaboration workflow to minimise context switching (Sponsor: New Relic)
Aaron Bassett
Supercharge Your Python applications using GPU-accelerated Libraries (Sponsor: Nvidia)
Leo Fang



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