Why Sponsor PyCon US 2022?

PyCon US 2022 will be held in-person this year, allowing our community to reconnect in a safe way to network, learn, share ideas, and create new relationships and partnerships.

Sponsors are what make PyCon US possible. Without our sponsors, PyCon US would not be the success that it is. Sponsorship is much more than supporting PyCon US! The revenue received from PyCon US is the main source of revenue for the Python Software Foundation, the non-profit behind Python and its community. With PyCon US back in-person this year, we’re excited to be able to provide our sponsors with opportunities to connect with and support the Python community, be face-to-face with talented developers and job recruits, access a large and diverse audience, and elevate their visibility and corporate identity within the Python community.

Check out our full menu of benefits, including new ones for 2022!

Benefits of sponsoring PyCon US include:

  • Reach - access to 2,000+ attendees interested in your products and services and generate qualified leads.
  • Recruiting - access to qualified job candidates. If you’re hiring, there’s no better place to find Python developers than PyCon US.
  • Marketing - being part of the biggest and most prestigious Python conference in the world.
  • Networking with attendees in-person to create connections and provide detailed information about your products and services.
  • A broad range of promotional opportunities across Python’s ecosystem that include a full 12 months, not just during PyCon US.

Because of the generous support of our sponsors, the Python Software Foundation is able to continually improve our support of Python and its community. Thanks to our increasing sponsorships, the PSF launched two new initiatives in 2021 that will have a great impact on all users:

  1. In July, the PSF hired the inaugural Developer-in-Residence (Łukasz Langa) to support CPython. A full-time, paid core developer supporting dozens of volunteers that make Python happen has been an enormous help. In addition to supporting volunteers, Łukasz is analyzing usage and workflows to better address sustainability and future funding.
  2. In August, the PSF hired Shamika Mohanan to support Python packaging. Shamika will handle outreach to Python users so the PSF can better understand the landscape, identify fundable initiatives, seek grants, oversee funded projects, and report on their progress and results to improve Python packaging for all users.

You can help us ensure these initiatives have funding for years to come. Apply to sponsor PyCon US and the PSF today!

Our new sponsorship program allows you to choose the package that will make the most impact on your business.

If you have any questions about sponsoring PyCon US and the PSF, please contact us at sponsors@python.org.

To learn more about the new program and apply for sponsorship head over to the Sponsorship Information page.