Sponsor Workshops: How we build software: a development and collaboration workflow to minimise context switching (Sponsor: New Relic)

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We’ll start the workshop with a brief overview of CodeStream and the services it integrates with. We’ll also take this time to help any attendees who want to work along with us during the workshop through the initial CodeStream installation and set-up.

Then we’ll begin our typical development day!

First up we will walk through the most common workflow; grabbing a ticket with a known solution, writing some code, and creating a PR.

Next up we’ll triage a bug report. We’ll see how you can view production errors and explore their stack traces from within your editor, and how it can help you quickly identify the source of bugs. We’ll also see how CodeStream’s "request feedback" functionality, as well as its ability to share code directly to Slack and other messaging services, makes it easy to collaborate on complex code changes.

Once we've squashed the bug it's time to perform a code review! We'll use CodeStream to view an open PR and perform our review. We'll also look at how viewing changes within the context of an entire codebase gives a better understanding of the wider implications of each merge.

Finally, we’ll look at how CodeStream combines with other extensions to really supercharge your development process. We’ll finish the workshop by inviting some of our New Relic colleagues to join us in a remote mob programming session, which we’ll coordinate and launch without ever leaving our IDE.

Throughout the workshop, attendees will be given the opportunity to practice with CodeStream by helping our host by pairing, reviewing their PRs, and providing code feedback within their editor.