Talks: Effective Protobuf: Everything You Wanted To Know, But Never Dared To Ask

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A talk of 40 minutes covering the following topics:
1. Introduction to serialization and its place in software engineering
2. Static typed vs dynamic typed serialization
3. Textual vs binary serialization: pros and cons
4. Popular serialization frameworks
5. Why Protobuf
6. Quick intro to Protobuf (just enough to get by)
7. Protobuf performance challenges and tradeoffs
8. Async synchronization: pros and cons
9. Field encoding: under the hood and what we learn
10. Managing the cost of abstractions
11. Data deduplication and compression
12. Field reuse: the whys and hows
13. gRPC: pros and cons
14. Protobuf over websocket or HTTP
15. Thank you