May 19, 2017

  Oregon Ballroom 201–202 Oregon Ballroom 203–204 Portland Ballroom 251 & 258 Portland Ballroom 252–253 Portland Ballroom 254–255
08:00AM Breakfast
09:00AM Welcome to PyCon
09:30AM Keynote
10:10AM Break
10:50AM Requests Under The Hood Cory Benfield
Experiment Assignment on the Web Jessica Stringham
Optimizations which made Python 3.6 faster than Python 3.5 Victor Stinner
In-Memory Event Resequencing: Realistic Testing For Impossible Bugs Glyph
Title Available On Request: An Introduction to Lazy Evaluation Joe Jevnik
11:30AM Passing Exceptions 101: Paradigms in Error Handling Amandine Lee
Type uWSGI; press enter; what happens? Asheesh Laroia
Prehistoric Patterns in Python Lennart Regebro
Big picture software testing: unit testing, Lean Startup, and everything in-between Itamar Turner-Trauring
Immutable Programming - Writing Functional Python Calen Pennington
12:10PM Grok the GIL: Write Fast And Thread-Safe Python A. Jesse Jiryu Davis
Web identity: OAuth2 and OpenIDConnect Brendan McCollam
The Gilectomy: How's It Going? Larry Hastings
Next Level Testing James Saryerwinnie
Introduction to Threat Modeling Ying Li, David Lawrence
12:40PM Lunch Lunch
12:55PM Lunch Lunch Lunch
01:40PM Implementing Concurrency and Parallelism From The Ground Up Amber Brown
Solid Snakes or: How to Take 5 Weeks of Vacation Hynek Schlawack
01:55PM Community powered packaging: conda-forge Filipe Pires Alvarenga Fernandes
Packaging Let’s Encrypt: Lessons learned shipping Python code to hundreds of thousands of users Noah Swartz
Dial M For Mentor Mariatta Wijaya
02:35PM Instagram Filters in 15 Lines of Python Michele Pratusevich
Factory Automation with Python - Stories about Robots, Serial Ports, and Barcode Readers Jonas Neubert
Snek in the Browser Katie McLaughlin
Dr. Microservices, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the API Ryan Anguiano
Rants and Ruminations From A Job Applicant After 💯 CS Job Interviews in Silicon Valley Susan Tan
03:15PM Python from Space: Analyzing Open Satellite Imagery Using the Python Ecosystem Katherine Scott
What's in your pip toolbox? Jon Banafato
I Installed Python 3.6 on Windows and I Liked It Steve Dower
5 ways to deploy your Python web app in 2017 Andrew T. Baker
Constructive Code Review Erik Rose
03:45PM Break Break
04:00PM Break Break Break
04:15PM A gentle introduction to deep learning with TensorFlow Michelle Fullwood
Dask: A Pythonic Distributed Data Science Framework Matthew Rocklin
04:30PM The Glory of pdb's set_trace Nicole Zuckerman
Building A Gigaword Corpus: Lessons on Data Ingestion, Management, and Processing for NLP Rebecca Bilbro
Re-Programming the Human Genome with Python Riley Doyle
05:10PM Looping Like a Pro in Python David Baumgold
Snakes on a Hyperplane: Python Machine Learning in Production Jessica Lundin
Algorithmic Music Generation Padmaja V Bhagwat
Leveraging Serverless Architecture for Powerful Data Pipelines Jason Myers
The Wild West of Data Wrangling Sarah Guido
05:40PM Lightning Talks

May 20, 2017

  Oregon Ballroom 201–202 Oregon Ballroom 203–204 Portland Ballroom 251 & 258 Portland Ballroom 252–253 Portland Ballroom 254–255
08:00AM Breakfast
08:30AM Lightning Talks
09:00AM Keynote
09:40AM Keynote
10:20AM Break
10:50AM Debugging in Python 3.6: Better, Faster, Stronger Elizaveta Shashkova
It's time for datetime Mario Corchero
The Memory Chronicles: A Tale of Two Pythons Kavya Joshi
Automate AWS With Python Moshe Zadka
The trends in choosing licenses in Python ecosystem Anwesha Das
11:30AM Readability Counts Trey Hunner
Temporal Data Structures with SQLAlchemy and Postgres Joseph Leingang
When the abyss gazes back: staring down Python's surprising internals David Wolever
Awesome Command Line Tools Amjith Ramanujam
How documentation works, and how to make it work for your project Daniele Procida
12:10PM Static Types for Python Jukka Lehtosalo, David Fisher
What's new in Python 3.6 Brett Cannon
Modern Python Dictionaries -- A confluence of a dozen great ideas Raymond Hettinger
Exploring Network Programmability with Python and YANG Lisa N Roach
Level up! Rethinking the Web API framework. Tom Christie
12:40PM Lunch Lunch
12:55PM Lunch Lunch Lunch
01:40PM Text is More Complicated Than You Think: Comparing and Sorting Unicode Morgan Wahl
An Introduction to Reinforcement Learning Jessica Forde
01:55PM Know thy self: Methods and method binding Thomas Ballinger
Magic Method, on the wall, who, now, is the `__fairest__` one of all? Sep Dehpour
How to write a Python transpiler Russell Keith-Magee
02:35PM Decorators, unwrapped: How do they work? Katie Silverio
How to make a good library API Flávio Juvenal
Designing secure APIs with state machines Ashwini Oruganti, Mark Williams
Human-Machine Collaboration for Improved Analytical Processes Tony Ojeda
The Fastest FizzBuzz in the West: Make Your Own Language with RPLY and RPython Dustin Ingram
03:15PM The Dictionary Even Mightier Brandon Rhodes
Library UX: Using abstraction towards friendlier APIs Mali Akmanalp
Ending Py2/Py3 compatibility in a user friendly manner Matthias Bussonnier, Mike Pacer, Thomas Kluyver
Lights, camera, action! Scraping a great dataset to predict Oscar winners Deborah Hanus
Executing python functions in the linux kernel by transpiling to bpf Alex Gartrell
03:45PM Break Break
04:00PM Break Break Break
04:30PM No More Sad Pandas: Optimizing Pandas Code for Speed and Efficiency Sofia Heisler
Yes, It's Time to Learn Regular Expressions Al Sweigart
Writing a C Python extension in 2017 Jean-Baptiste Aviat
The Python Visualization Landscape Jake VanderPlas
Beyond scraping: how to use machine learning when you're not sure where to start Julie Lavoie
05:10PM Tracing, Fast and Slow: Digging into and improving your web service’s performance Lynn Root
Fuzzy Search Algorithms: How and When to Use Them Jiaqi Liu
Cython as a Secret Weapon for Efficiency Alex Orlov
Python for mathematical visualization: a four-dimensional case study David Dumas
Unicode: what is the big deal? Łukasz Langa
05:40PM Lightning Talks
06:30PM PyLadies Charity Auction

May 21, 2017

  Oregon Ballroom 201–202 Oregon Ballroom 203–204 Portland Ballroom 251 & 258 Portland Ballroom 252–253 Portland Ballroom 254–255
08:00AM Breakfast
08:30AM Lightning Talks
09:00AM PSF Community Service Awards
09:20AM Python Panel with Guido van Rossum
10:00AM Poster Session / Job Fair / Lunch — Expo Hall
01:10PM Share Your Code! Python Packaging Without Complication Dave Forgac
async/await and asyncio in Python 3.6 and beyond Yury Selivanov
Probabilistic Programming with PyMC3 Christopher Fonnesbeck
Hacking Classic Nintendo Games with Python Sam Agnew
Piecing it Together: A beginner's guide to application configuration Mary Nagle
01:50PM One Data Pipeline to Rule Them All Sam Kitajima-Kimbrel
Asynchronous Python for the Complete Beginner Miguel Grinberg
The Next Step: Finding Model Parameters With Random Walks Christine Waigl
Look mum no hands! From blinking LEDs to a bike speedometer with MicroPython Tim Head
Python in The Serverless Era Benny Bauer
02:30PM Building Stream Processing Applications Amit Ramesh, Qui Nguyen
aiosmtpd - A better asyncio based SMTP server Barry Warsaw
Bayesian Statistical Analysis with Python Eric J. Ma
Hacking Cars with Python Eric Evenchick
Gothic Colors: Using Python to understand color in nineteenth-century literature Eleanor Stribling, Caroline Winter
03:10PM Keynote
03:50PM Final Remarks and Conference Close