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Room Sharing

Do you want to share a room at one of the [PyCon hotels](https://us.pycon.org/2017/venue/) or another hotel with other attendees? List yourself on this wiki page (click the edit button to the upper left, after logging in), along with: - how many other people you want to share with, - what nights you'll be there, - whether you've already reserved a room, and - any other requirements (e.g. male/female, smoking/non-smoking). Note: If any of your roommates will be arriving separately, be sure to list their names on the reservation as having permission to check in and get a key to your shared room from the front desk by showing photo ID. When reserving your room, be sure to specify the type and number of beds! Some rooms only have a single king size bed; not ideal for platonic room sharing. Cots may be available, but they are not very comfortable. Caution: Room sharing arrangements are the responsibilities of the individual parties involved. The Python Software Foundation and PyCon Staff takes no responsibility, and cannot get involved in any disputes. In order to edit this page; you must have a valid site login, and use markdown syntax. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ I Already Have A Room Reservation --------------------------------- If you have a room reservation and you're looking for a roommate to share costs, list your info here: 4. - **Dates:** check-in on Thursday 4PM, May 18 - check-out Sunday 12 PM, May 21 (3 nights) - **Hotel**: Marriott Portland City Center (520 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97205) - room with 2 beds - 25 minute walk distance - **Contact info**: suraandrei@gmail.com - **Additional info**: Hotel rate is $190/night so we pay about 300 each. I am a male looking to share a room with another male or female (non-smokers only). 5. - **Dates:** Check in Wednesday May 17, 3PM - Check out Thursday May 25 by 12:00 PM - **Hotel:** Inn at the Convention Center (Across the street from the Convention Center.) - **Contact Info:** meldex@gmail.com - **Additional Info:** Hotel rate about $100.00 per night. split 50/50 for shared nights. Male looking to share room with two queen beds with quiet individual for as many nights as possible. 6. - **Dates:** Check in Tuesday May 16, 3PM - Check out Tuesday May 23 by 12:00 PM - **Hotel:** Inn at the Convention Center (Very close to the Convention Center.) 2 beds in room. - **Contact Info:** dianedc@purpleweb.com - **Additional Info:** Your cost $65/night for however many nights you stay. Prefer female roommate (or identify as such), non-smoking. Hotel is very basic but was fine last year. 7. - **Dates:** May 18-25, but if you need a little shorter stay, that's ok. - **Hotel:** Airbnb, (a longish) walking distance to the convention center - **Contact Info:** xpkch2016x@gmail.com - **Additional Info:** You'll get a separate bedroom. We split the cost for the nights you stay there; it will be ~$100/day. Non-smoking please. Male or female is fine (I'm male). 8. - **Dates**: Tuesday May 16 to Sunday May 21 (5 nights) - **Hotel**: I have booked a nice Airbnb basement apartment in NE Portland - near Alberta St. It's a short bus ride to the conference. It has a second room with an IKEA coach-sofa. Contact me if you are interested and the dates match and we can split the cost. - **Contact Info**: Please text me at 778-378-6539 or biletubes-pycon2017@yahoo.co.uk - **Additional Info**: Based on what I've seen so far, probably $80-120/night each. Non-smokers please. 9. - **Dates**: Wednesday May 17 to Sunday May 21 (4 nights) - **Hotel**: I have booked a motel 6 Portland Downtown which is closest to the Convention center Contact me if you are interested. Discount for students/volunteers. ~$50/night for as many nights you want to stay during May 17-21. - **Contact Info**: Please email me at rpate1@iit.edu - **Additional Info**: I have two queen size beds and the room is non-smoking. Male or female is fine (I'm male). ------------------------------------------------------------------------ I'm Looking For A Room ---------------------- If you're looking to share a room (but you haven't made a reservation yet), list your info here: 2. - **Dates: 5/17-5/22** - **Hotel(or Hostel):** I would like a hotel within biking distance (less than 30 minutes) from the venue. - **Contact Info:** bethahak (at) gmail - I would prefer a mostly female environment, but don't mind male roommates. Roommates number is not an issue, but smoking is :( .. 3. - **Dates: 5/17-5/26** - **Hotel(or Hostel):** I would like a hotel or an hostel within a very close distance from the venue. - **Contact Info:** olamyy53@gmail.com - I would prefer a room occupied by a student or at least a teenager , but don't mind any other roommates. :( ..