Young Coders: Outside In

[Outside In]( is a medical clinic and youth services support center for homeless youth and other marginalized people. [Famous]( for its expert, innovative, comprehensive, and deeply human approaches, it's truly a reflection of the heart of Portland. Outside In also has a proud history of leadership in working positively and affirmingly with the trans and queer communities, and in honor of that work, a group of trans and queer Pythonistas is planning a special session of Young Coders at PyCon - a daylong quick introduction to programming - for the youth of Outside In. **Sunday, May 21, 9 AM - 5 PM, Room B118-119** A wonderful bunch of teachers and [teaching assistants]( has stepped up to help! The workshop will take place all day on Sunday, May 21, but all we ask of you is a couple hours. All you really need is the willingness to help; Young Coders is providing the place, equipment, and a great curriculum. Beginning Python programmers can be great TAs, so don't let worries about your experience hold you back. Cis and straight friends... we need your volunteer power, too! Please join and help make this a success. To TA, just sign up [here]( Please contact with questions, or to volunteer as a teacher.