Tutorial Instructions

The tutorials below have pages with revised instructions for setting up a laptop before the tutorial session, or other communications from instructors to participants.

If you don't see the tutorials(s) you're taking in the list below and want to know how to prepare your laptop, check for prerequisites or instructions listed with the tutorial description via the Tutorial Schedule. For many tutorials the setup is very simple and is handled in the first few minutes of the tutorial.

Tutorial Preparation Sessions

Tutorial Preparation Sessions are held from 6:30-8:00PM on Tuesday and Wednesday in the Registration area. You can get help there setting up your laptop for the tutorials.

Use virtualenv

You may want to make installations for your tutorials using virtualenv (particularly if you are taking more than one tutorial). To do this, install current versions of virtualenv and pip. There will be a virtualenv orientation in the Tutorial Preparation Sessions.

Pre-Tutorial Notes from the Instructors:

Notes from Instructors I can help install
virtualenv - for any Tutorial Yarko, Peter
Bayesian statistics made (as) simple (as possible)
Introduction to Game Development
High Performance Python I
Plotting with matplotlib
How to get the most out of your PyPy
Faster Python Programs through Optimization
Introduction to Django Peter
SQL for Python Developers
Data analysis in Python with pandas Yarko
Hands-on Beginning Python
DevOps for Python: Doing More With Less
Developing custom PyQt widgets and graphical interfaces efficiently
Introduction to Interactive Predictive Analytics in Python with scikit-learn Olivier
Documenting Your Project With Sphinx
Introduction to NLTK
Making and understanding music with Python and a little bit of Math

Successfully Installed for your Tutorial?

If you have successfully installed packages for a tutorial you're attending, and would like to help others at the Tutorial Preparation sessions, then follow the guidelines to prepare a USB installation package, and come help!

Note: Since the network might not be ready, you might want to install from your own USB, just to be sure the installation works.

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