What is PyCon?

PyCon is the largest annual gathering for the community using and developing the open-source Python programming language. PyCon is organized by the Python community for the community. We try to keep registration far cheaper than most comparable technology conferences, to keep PyCon accessible to the widest group possible. PyCon is a diverse conference dedicated to providing an enjoyable experience to everyone. Help us do this by following our code of conduct.

PyCon is really four events in a row:

  • Tutorial Days: Wednesday March 7 & Thursday March 8.

    Learn something new and relevant in intensive 3-hour sessions. The evenings are free for socializing and Open Space.

  • Conference Days: Friday March 9 through Sunday March 11.

    See what's going on in the Python world, meet your fellow Pythonistas, share your knowledge and experience, make contacts, brainstorm projects, discuss prospects... the sky's the limit.

    • Scheduled talks will happen in the ballrooms.

      5 tracks of talks and panels on a wide variety of topics will be presented, with something for everyone. Also we'll have keynote talks every day.

    • Open Space sessions.

      PyCon features dedicated conference rooms for attendees to schedule informal presentations or discussions. These rooms are open space to let you customize your experience at PyCon to match your specific interests. These are available for the duration of the conference days.

      An unconference in parallel with the scheduled talks.

    • Lightning talks

      Quick, fun, five-minute talks on almost any topic. Want to give a lightning talk at PyCon? Just sign up at the conference.

    • Poster Session

      Poster sessions are a dedicated expo of PyCon community members sharing their work in the format of a large graphic poster presentation. Presenters are on hand to describe and discuss their discoveries, creations, and projects with the PyCon attendees.

    • Expo Hall

      Meet with representatives of companies using Python, supporting Python, and hiring Pythonistas. Snag some swag! Many sponsors will be recruiting, so come prepared with business cards and resumes if you're in the job market.

    • And don't forget the hallway track!

  • Development Sprints: Monday March 12 through Thursday March 15.

    • Help advance your favorite project, including Python itself! We provide the space and the infrastructure (network, power, tables & chairs), you provide the enthusiasm and the brainpower. All experience levels welcome. The sprints are free!
  • Summits:

    In addition, there are two invitation-only summits scheduled during the tutorials which will bring developers of the various implementations together to discuss technology and strategies: the Python Language Summit and the new Python Web Development Summit.

Press Information

For more on PyCon press contacts and press releases - please see the PyCon 2012 press information page.

Contact Information

For more detailed staff information, please see the staff page.

Jesse Noller, Conference Chair
+1 (978) 212-9863

Brian Curtin, Publicity Coordinator
+1 (630) 364-0250

PyCon Organizers: pycon-organizers@python.org