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General installation help: 6:30-8:00PM Tuesday & Wednesday in Open Spaces.

Tutorial - Plotting with matplotlib


These are important information for all participants from the instructor.
Please read this carefully.

Example Code

Please download the example source code. We will need it in the tutorial.

Required Software

It is essential that you install the needed software before the tutorial. Please do this well in advance at least the day before. There will be no time during the tutorial to do this.

You need:

  • a laptop with the operating system of your choice (Linux, Mac OS X, Windows)
  • Python 2.6 or 2.7 installed
  • a current versions of matplotlib
  • IPython
  • NumPy

These can be installed with the package manager of your operating system or via pip. Windows users can install pythonxy, a Python distribution targeting scientists. This brings all needed libraries and much, much more.

We also need Tkinter which should be part of a standard Python installation. Mac users may need to install this extra. If IDLE works you are all set.


More details at the tutorial web page.


Please ask me if anything needs clarification. mmueller [at] python-academy [dot] de

Mike Müller

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