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Use the Open Space boards located by the F2 room at the conference.

Open Space sessions are not officially scheduled until the conference, when they are placed upon the Open Space board. We do, however, have some perennial favorite Open Space events that reappear from year to year. This page will help attendees get a "coming attractions" look at what some of the other attendees are thinking about.

To add a proposed event, simply add it to the table below, placing a name for the event in the left column titled "Open Space Event", add a column for the day, another for the time and your name in the right column titled "Coordinator". This allows people to try and find you for more information on the proposed event. Additionally, you may create a subpage to explain a bit more about what you would like to talk about. Be sure to make the event name here link to the subpage you create. There are a few examples in the list.

Starting Wednesday, scheduling open spaces will move from this wiki to the boards near the open space rooms. Any changes made after Tuesday evening will be ignored.

Open Space Event Date Time Coordinator
Tutorial Prep Tue 6:30pm Welcome Uncommittee
Tutorial Prep Wed 6:30pm Welcome Uncommittee
Fieldtrip to RMS talk on Copyright vs Community Wed 7pm RMS
Newbie Night Thu 7pm Welcome Uncommittee
web2py "summit" Fri 5:30pm Massimo Di Pierro
Testing BOF Fri 7pm Terry Peppers
Jython BoF Fri 7pm Jim Baker
Less Wrong/Rationality BoF Fri 7pm Moshe Zadka
Mailchimp Happy Hour Fri 7:00pm Jennifer Morton
Newbie Night Fri 7pm Welcome Uncommittee
Open Science BOF Fri check whiteboard Sheila Miguez
Wingware Python IDE Fri 8:00pm Stephan Deibel
App Engine BOF Fri tbd Shawn Rusaw
Boardgame Social Fri tbd Luke Sneeringer
ChiPy: Chicago Fri tbd Brian Ray
Reliability BoF Sat 10:30am Moshe Zadka
ActiveState Stackato PaaS BoF Sat 4:00pm Ingy dot Net
Educator BoF Sat 6:30pm Andy Harrington
Fieldtrip to Biocurious Sat 6:30pm Sheila Miguez
Spotify and Python: A Love Story Sat 6:00pm Howard Smith
Community Organizers BOF Sat 7:00pm Michelle Rowley
Scientific Computing BOF Sat 7:00pm Mike Graham
Capoeira Roda Sat 8:00pm Daniel Greenfeld
Fabric BoF Sat 8:00 PM Jeff Forcier
Arduino Sat 9:00pm Peter Kropf
Salt BOF Sat 9:00pm Seth House
Boardgame Social Sat tbd Luke Sneeringer
Wingware Python IDE Sun 10:30am Stephan Deibel
Computational Analytics in Governments Sun 1:30pm Roy Hyunjin Han
Boardgame Social Sun tbd Luke Sneeringer
PyData Coordination tbd tbd Josh Klein
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