The PyCon Boardgame Social

PyCon has a long history of attracting folks interested in boardgames, and it's a great opportunity to socialize with other attendees without a laptop. :-) Generally, games occur at some point in the evenings every night of the conference. Since openspace boards generally don't go up until after the conference itself starts (e.g. after the tutorial days) and come down after the main conference (e.g. before sprints), check here for room locations and times if you're interested in playing on a tutorial or sprint day.


Rooms/time for gaming:

  • Tues:
  • Weds:
  • Thurs:
  • ...

Folks interested in attending

  • Douglas Napoleone
  • Luke Sneeringer
  • Yannick Gingras
  • Dean Goodmanson
  • Noah Kantrowitz
  • William McVey
  • Mathieu Leduc-Hamel
  • Jennifer Morton
  • Richard Jones
  • Bartek Ciszkowski
  • Craig Nagy
  • Victor Nguyen
  • Craig Jackson
  • Brian Moyles
  • Cory Johns
  • David Wolever
  • Barbara Shaurette

Games being brought/shipped

If there is a game you like, you are encouraged to bring it with; even if it is listed here, as you never can tell when there might be enough of an interest to spawn a new game. Additionally, the bringer of your favorite game may opt to skip a night, potentially limiting your choice of games.

  • Packs of Cards + cribbage boards + 2 full sets of clay poker chips (Doug Napolean)
  • Fluxx (3 variants) (Doug Napolean)
  • Munchkin (Doug Napolean)
  • Mr. Jack (Pocket Edition) (Doug Napolean)
  • Zombie Dice (Doug Napolean)
  • Ice House (Doug Napolean)
  • Chrononaughts (Doug Napolean)
  • Guillotine (Doug Napolean)
  • Carcassonne Big Box (base set + every expansion) (Doug Napolean)
  • Carcassonne (base set + river expansion) (Doug Napolean)
  • Settlers of Catan (Doug Napolean)
  • Dominion (Doug Napolean), Dominion Intrigue (David Wolever)
  • Forbidden Island (Doug Napolean)
  • Dixit (Doug Napolean)
  • 7 Wonders (Doug Napolean)
  • Agricola (William McVey)
  • Puerto Rico (William McVey)
  • Bohnanza (William McVey)
  • Perpetual Motion Machine, Lost Cities and Martian Fluxx (Richard Jones who is travelling light)
  • Munchkin, Zombie Munchkin (Cory Johns)
  • Drakon (Barbara Shaurette)
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