Lucy Sheppard

Lucy is originally from the UK where she spent 3 years teaching mathematics at Secondary School before discovering a passion for programming and data science. She moved to a role in a UK bank and stayed there for 4 years developing predictive models in credit risk.

In April 2019, Lucy had the opportunity to combine her two passions of teaching and data and become a technical trainer for Bloomberg LP for the Global Data team where she was responsible for developing Python curriculum to improve the team's data literacy.

In November 2020 Lucy moved to the Netherlands where she has been working with GoDataDriven as a Data Science Educator. Now she designs and delivers bespoke Python training for all sorts of companies across the globe. She's now excited to be able to deliver a tutorial at PyCon US and get to meet more people working with Python and learn more about the language and how people use it.

Since Lucy didn't start her career in programming, her goal is to introduce Python to people like herself and make it accessible for everyone from all walks of life so that they too can discover the benefits and use it regularly in their everyday life.

In her spare time she likes to go running and has recently got into bouldering. She also likes watching films - her university degree was actually half mathematics and half film studies! - and her favourite film is Roman Holiday.


Tutorials: Python under the hood: What so special about Python Objects?
Thursday 1:30 p.m.–5 p.m. in tutorials - 251AB