PyCon US 2021 Highlights

We are excited to share some of the highlights from PyCon US 2021!

  • ~2650 attendees participated virtually
  • over 100 different sessions including tutorials, summits, talks, keynotes, lightning talks and much more!
    • with over 23,000 unique views of the sessions took place over 5 days
  • 49 virtual booths including sponsors, startup row companies, open source projects and poster sessions
    • with over 24,000 visits to these booths
  • 100+ speakers prepared their presentations and shared their knowledge with the community

The conference sessions, events, keynotes and more were captured in art by Mind's Eye Creative. It is amazing how these drawings capture the feeling of PyCon US even though the event was virtual. Enjoy exploring them and feel free to download and share them.

Digital Graphics

May 14th Overview - download

May 15th Overview - download

Robert Erdmann Keynote - download

Saron Yitbarek Keynote - download

Akshay Sharma Keynote - download

Python Steering Council Keynote - download

Thank you is not enough to express our gratitude:

  • for all the volunteer chairs, committees, reviewers that helped in forming the content,
  • for all the speakers and presenters that prepared and recorded their presentations,
  • for all the volunteers that hosted, moderated and managed events during the event,
  • for all the committees that planned and hosted summits, workshops and sprints,
  • for all the sponsors that shared their companies offerings,
  • and especially for all those that took the time to attend PyCon US!

We are looking forward to seeing all of you in-person at PyCon US 2022 in Salt Lake City, UT!