Meet the Team!

PyCon US would not be possible without the support of our amazing community! Meet the people involved in making PyCon US:

Conference Chair

Emily Morehouse-Valcarcel

Program Committees

Tutorial Committee Chair: Sarah Kuchinsky

Tutorial Committee Co-Chairs: Merilys Huhn, Mfon Eti-mfon, Taniar Allard

Tutorial Review Team: 10 volunteers that helped review tutorials!

Program Committee Chair: Philippe Gagnon

Program Committee Co-Chairs: Brian Costlow, Lorena Mesa, Maricela Sanchez Miranda

Program Review Team: 16 volunteers that helped review talks!

Charlas Committee Chair: Maricela Sanchez Miranda

Charlas Committee Co-Chairs: Mabel Delgado, Naomi Ceder

Poster Committee Chair: Kristen McIntyre

Poster Committee Co-Chair: Larry Gray

Session Support Chair: Julia Duimovich

Open Space Committee

Committee Members: Katia Lira & Haley Bear

Financial Aid Committee

Committee Chair: Eric Ma

Committee Co-Chairs: Jigyasa Grover, Denise Williams

Volunteer Committee

Committee Members: Rami Chowdhury & Kenneth Durril

Lightning Talks

Committee Members: Dustin Ingram, Lorena Mesa

Sprints Committee

Committee Members: Chalmer Lowe, Kushal Das, Joseph Banks, Leon Sandøy, and Sebastiaan Zeeff

Summit & Event Committees

Language Summit Coordinators: Mariata Wijaya & Łukasz Langa

Education and Trainers Summit Committee: Elizabeth Wickes

Startup Row Coordinator: Jason D. Rowley

Maintainers Summit Committee: Inessa Pawson

Mentored Sprints: Tania Allard, Cheuk Ho, Lais Carvalho

Humble Data: John Sandall, Cheuk Ho, Sandrine Pataut, Astrid Verstraete, Jesper Dramsh, Danai Papamaximou

Typing Summit: Shannon Zhu and Alfonso L. Castaño

PyLadies Auction: Jackie Kazil, Doug Napoleone, Lynn Root, Marie-Louise Annan, Lorena Mesa

Python Software Foundation Staff

PyCon US is organized by a mix of volunteers and paid help. The Python Software Foundation produces PyCon US and dedicates paid staff to support this community event.

Jackie Augustine, Event Manager

Morgan Mayo, Director of Resource Development

Betsy Waliszewski, Sponsor Coordinator

Ee W. Durbin III, Director of Infrastructure

Bernardo Fontes, Django Contractor

Phyllis Dobbs, Financial Controller

Laura Graves, Financial Analyst

Joe Carey, Accounting Manager

Ewa Jodlowska, Executive Director